Application closing on

03 Jun

Thu 9:00 AM


Application for this fellowship is closed. Still want to start your Crypto journey?

9 Live Session

Live Sessions with Crypto Experts

1 Ether per month

50 Fellowship


Crypto Creator Mastercourse

Learn from the largest NFT fund in the world that acquired the $69m NFT. You don't pay for this course. We will pay you!

9 live sessions

4-Month Long Fellowship Journey



From scripting, shooting, editing and publishing, you'll learn the A-Z of content creation and become a master of storytelling


Learn about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the Metaverse and more from Metapurse and some of the leading experts in the field


Get exclusive access to crypto stories from entrepreneurs, NFT artists and innovators, as well as feedback and support along the way


Join an exclusive alumni community with direct access to crypto leaders, crypto resources, creator tools and regular mentors in the space


Be paid a total of 3 Ethereums to make crypto videos

Application closing on

03 Jun

Thu 9:00 AM


Application for this fellowship is closed. Still want to start your Crypto journey?

9 Live Session

Live Sessions with Crypto Experts

1 Ether per month

50 Fellowship

you’ll start with a...

1 Month Crypto a Mastercourse Training

Part 1: Telling Your Crypto Story

1. Storytelling Pt 1: Scripting

A lot goes behind telling good stories. Scripting is often overlooked, but remains a cornerstone of great storytelling. In this class, you will learn how to structure your thoughts, frame your story, and produce your first crypto video script.

2. Storytelling Pt 2: Filming

In this class, you will learn how to elevate your storytelling with filming techniques. You will be taught tried and tested techniques like framing, lighting tricks, and audio hacks. With these techniques on-hand, you will begin shooting your script from Pt 1.

3. Storytelling Pt 3: Editing

Video editing can be daunting and complex. In this class, you will learn the basics of editing and begin working with editing software.You will receive personal guidance from professional trainers and will begin editing the video you shot in Pt 2.

Part 2: Telling the NFT Story

4. Short-Form Content Pt 1: TikTok & IG Reel Basics

In this class, you will learn the differences between long-form (YouTube) and short-form (TikTok & IG Reels) content. You will also be learning the basics of creating short-form content on TikTok. And create the long form content you made in part one into a short TikTok video.

5. Short-Form Content Pt 2: Scripting

One of the most important skills you can learn is how to frame a complex topic simply through a short-form video. In this class, you will be taught more about the complex world of NFTs. From that, you will dissect and write your own script on NFTs for a short-form video.

6. Short-Form Content Pt 3: Filming & Editing

In this class, you will learn editing and filming tricks specific to short-form content platforms like TikTok. With these techniques on-hand, you will begin shooting your NFT script from the previous session.

Part 3: Telling The Metaverse Story

7. About The Metaverse Pt 1: Overview & Scripting

After learning about basic crypto and NFT concepts, this part of the course will have you delve into the complex and fascinating Metaverse. Once you have an overview of the Metaverse, you will begin to work on your final script on the Metaverse.

8. About The Metaverse Pt 2: Publishing & Uploading

Last but not least, you will learn about the final step in content creation - publishing. You will be taught things Nas Daily has learnt over a four year period in one lesson, such as branding, social media algorithms, and video formatting across platforms.


During this session, students will showcase their final videos. Additionally, the 50 graduates who will advance to the 3 month paid fellowship programme will be announced.

Followed by a...

3 Month Paid Fellowship

Monthly Alumni Meetups & Mentoring Sessions

Monthly Live Meetups with Crypto Experts

Fellows will be paid 1 Ether per month to produce 4 crypto-related videos

Selection Process



Submit a 60-second video on why you should be selected for this programme



We will screen all applications and handpick the best candidates for a short interview



Successful applicants will be notified and guided through their onboarding process

The Future of Online Courses
Welcome To “Cohort Learning”

Hands-On Learning WithClassmates

Live Instruction In A VirtualClass


Built-In Support AndAccountability


Global Network Of TalentedPeers


Who Is This For?

If you are...


You are interested in cryptocurrency, NFTs and the Metaverse!

Content Creator

We will screen all applications and handpick the best candidates for a short interview


No anti-coiners allowed!

Meet Your Trainers


All you need to know

What is the Metapurse Crypto Creator Training Fellowship?

Nas Academy and Metapurse have teamed up to offer the world's first Crypto Creator Programme. Applicants anywhere in the world are able to submit a 1-minute video explaining why they are a fit for the programme.

    All submissions will be reviewed, and select candidates will be invited to an interview. Following the interview, 70 applicants will be offered a place on the programme subject to agreeing to terms and conditions.

      How many people will be selected for the fellowship?

      70 applicants will be selected for the 1-month crypto creator mastercourse where they will be trained on how to become a creator. They will learn what it takes to create a great video (scripting, shooting, editing, and publishing techniques) and how to simplify complex topics, such as NFTs and the Metaverse, into relatable videos that can reach wide audiences.

        Following the training programme, 50 graduates will be chosen for the 3-month paid fellowship programme where they will continue to get weekly mentoring sessions from the Nas Academy trainers and get invited to monthly fireside chats with crypto leaders.

          When will I know the result of my application?

          We are currently reviewing all applications and have started to shortlist applicants for interview. We aim to inform all candidates of their application result by 31 May 2021 and appreciate your patience on this.

            How do I ensure that I get chosen for the paid fellowship component?

            Your spot cannot be guaranteed in the fellowship component. But, you can do the following to increase your chances of being selected as one of the 50 lucky ones:

            • Regular attendance and active participation in class.
            • Consistent practice and production of videos.
            • Enthusiasm in the world of cryptocurrency, NFTs and the Metaverse.
            • Let your trainers know of your keen interest!

            Do I get paid during the 1-month training?

            While you will not be paid during the 1-month training, you will learn invaluable tips and tricks on how to make great content, connect with other like-minded individuals, and much more! In short, you have much to gain and nothing to lose.... so apply now!

              What is the commitment required?

              1-month training

              • There are 9 live sessions conducted during the 1-month training, with each lesson lasting 2 hours. Students are expected to attend at least 80% of the live sessions. Homework may require between 10-15 hours per week.

              Items that are optional but highly recommended for students are:

              • 2 optional 1-hour sessions per week, called Digital Labs. In Digital Labs you will get feedback for your work from your trainers and other students. It is a great opportunity to get personalised comments and improve.
              • 2 optional 30-minute bonding time before and after each live class, called Community Time, for students to interact with their trainers and other students to forge a close community.

              3-month paid fellowship

              • If you are selected as one of the 50 participants to advance to the 3-month paid fellowship programme, you will be asked to sign a separate agreement which will set out the full terms & conditions relating to the paid fellowship. Essentially, fellows are expected to produce a minimum of 4 videos according to the theme prescribed that month to be eligible for your stipend. You should also attend the monthly alumni gatherings and monthly fireside chats with guest speakers from the crypto space to further your crypto content creation journey.

              Are classes live and how big is each class?

              Yes, all the classes (including monthly alumni gatherings and monthly fireside chats) are live! We want you to interact with your trainer and make friends with the other students. What's even better is that you will get the class recording after the lesson to rewatch the session anytime you want.

                There are 24 students max in a class — it's an intimate group size to facilitate better learning.

                  What will I learn?

                  The Nas Academy creates creators. We want to impart the knowledge that made Nas Daily the storytelling powerhouse it is today! Our courses are unique – high energy, hard work, and lots of fun. You will be equipped with knowledge on how to script, film, edit, and present. No boring theory - this is about doing, experiencing, and communicating. Some of the things you can learn through our courses are:

                  • Confident communication
                  • Scripting and Storytelling
                  • Shooting video
                  • Video editing
                  • Publishing your story

                  By partnering with Metapurse, you will also be inducted into the world of crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse. Not only will you learn from the world’s largest NFT fund, which acquired the $69m NFT, you will also be invited to hear directly from many other crypto leaders and connect with like-minded individuals.

                    What will I need?

                    You’ll need a few things:

                    • Final Cut Pro X (Mac only) or Premiere Pro (Windows or Mac) as an editing software. Also, ensure you have a minimum of 20 GB free space or access to an external hard drive.
                    • Any digital camera will do or even your smartphone.
                    • If you have a microphone, great!
                    • A stable internet connection – preferably 50 Mbps upload and download.
                    • Lots of time – please set aside time to do your course and make your videos!

                    What is the exact start date and time of the course?

                    Exact date and time of the course will be communicated to accepted participants. Generally, the training will commence 1 month after the start of application.

                      Who can join this course?

                      We welcome beginners - be it beginners in crypto or beginners in content creation! We have students who have experience with making videos and plenty who don’t.

                        You just cannot be an anti-coiner and need to be at least 16+ years of age when you apply!

                          Will I still have access to the class after the course is over?

                          Yes, you will have lifetime access to the recording of the class, the slides of the lesson, and the Nas Academy community. You will be able to use these as resources for the rest of your content creation career.

                            Still Want To Start You Crypto Journey?

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