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Hi! I’m Petter and I’m a commercial pilot. I’ve been flying for 15 years for European airliners. I became a captain when I was 25 years old and have more than 10 000 hours on the Boeing 737.Anything can go wrong when you’re flying a plane with hundreds of passengers. We’ve all heard the stories of accidents. Often whether disaster happens or not comes down to the pilot.Not all leadership roles have such life or death stakes. The leadership skills that pilots use every day (such as crew resource management, communication, and delegation) are skills that can be used in every industry and workplace.I’ll teach you to become a leader who can make split-second decisions, solve even the most complex problems, and communicate with your team so there is never any confusion or time wasted. So, buckle in, and get ready for a leadership crash course that is guaranteed to be entertaining as it is insightful.

Mentour Pilot

What I'll Teach

  • Learn short-term decision-making strategies
  • Learn how to build strong teams
  • Learn how to break down and tackle complex problems within the workplace
  • How to stay calm under pressure

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Section 1


Introduce yourself to your class and Mentour Pilot.

Learn Leadership
  • My story
  • Why Learn Leadership from a Pilot?
  • Good Leadership vs. Bad Leadership
Section 2

What Not To Do: A Case Study

Mentour Pilot takes you through a crash to show key leadership principles. Learn how things can go terribly wrong when there’s a failure of leadership, teamwork, and defined roles when you’re in an emergency.

Learn Leadership
  • Why This Plane Crashed
  • Key Leadership Principles We Can Learn From This Crash
  • Short-Term Decision-Making Strategies
Section 3

Consider Culture: Case Study 2

Team structure isn’t the same all over the world. Culture creates hierarchies that are different everywhere, while cultural habits may become a barrier to problem solving or resource management. It’s important to know and recognize cultural norms , including your own, and learn to work with them.

Learn Leadership
  • Being Aware Of The Power Gradient
  • Key Leadership Principles We Can Learn From This Crash
  • The Important Of Procedures
Section 4

Stay Cool Under Pressure: Case Study 3

One of the qualities of a good leader is keeping calm under pressure - no matter the scenario. We examine how to prepare for any situration and how to deal with the unexpected.

Learn Leadership
  • Keep Calm and Carry On
  • The Power of Delegation
  • Time-Available Decision Making Strategies
Section 5

POISEE Your Problem

Think of how you can apply the strategies you’ve learned here in your own industry.

Learn Leadership
  • Using PIOSEE
  • Discuss PIOSEE With Your Class
  • Share and Discuss Your Experiences

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Mentour Pilot


Mentour Pilot
I’m a commercial pilot who also happens to be a YouTuber. It’s a challenging occupation but someone has to do it. I believe that leading immense pressure is a skill, and I’m here to pass on that skill. Buckle in and get ready for take-off!

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All you need to know

What can I expect from this course?

You can expect to learn leadership strategies from Mentour Pilot. This is a live session where you will learn directly from Mentour Pilot. There will also be a group discussion with your class.

    Will I get a Certificate as proof of my learning?

    Yes! You will receive an online ‘Certificate of Completion.’ We can’t wait for you to proudly share your achievements with your friends and family. Don’t forget to tag us on social media!

      Will I have access to the video recording once the course is over?

      Yes! You have LIFETIME access to everything in this course – including the resources and alumni community.

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