Become a Professional Travel Photographer


5 Days

2 hours per day



Professional Photos

With Expert Trainers

What You’ll Create

Captivating Photos

Learn from Max’s experience to shoot incredible outdoor photos that are professional quality

Stunning Photographs

Edited Landscapes

Learn Max’s process for editing photos and practice on his vast collection of RAWs

Edited Landscapes

Edited Panoramas

Edit Max’s favorite panoramic photos from scratch alongside his step-by-step tutorial

Edited Panoramas

Mobile Photography

Learn to capture stunning landscapes and scenery in the moment using only your phone

Mobile Photography

Your Portfolio

Create this essential tool that will land you colloborations with the brands you choose

Your Portfolio

Your Media Kit

Create a media kit showing off the very best of your work to get unimaginable opportunities

Create NFTs

Your Teacher

Max Muench

Max Muench

Travel Photographer

I’m Max Muench, an outdoors and travel photographer. In 2015 I was invited to New York to exhibit my work for Instagram, where I was lauded as one of the best photographers in the world. My landscapes have earned me international acclaim and landed me collaborations with some of the biggest brands, including Samsung, Red Bull, the WWF, and the tourism boards of Australia and New Zealand. I’ve spent a decade traveling across the planet, and have made a successful career out of my passion. I learned soon after setting off that a career in travel photography would take more than taking incredible photos – if I wanted to last, I also had to learn how to work with brands. I’ve been lucky enough to work with big brands, but it wasn’t all just luck. Like any career, there were steps I took that lead to me making a living from my photos. And that’s what I’m going to share with you in this course.But beyond business, I want to teach you how to capture the beauty of the world we live in using techniques professionals use every day. You’ll create beautiful photographs to start your portfolio, and learn to use those photographs to propose collaborations with the brands that will turn your passion from a hobby into a lifelong adventure. Let’s get started!

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Max Muench

Become a Travel Photographer

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