A Beginner’s guide to Full-Time Travel Filmmaking


14 Days

1 hour per day



30 Second Reel

using Mark Harrison’s footage



with little to no experience

What You’ll Learn

Mindset & Foundations

Covering what it takes to prepare yourself to becoming a full-time travel filmmaker.

Mindset & Foundations

Budgeting and Planning

Learn about the mindset you'll need to become a full-time creator and you'll pick up a few travel hacks along the way.

Budgeting and Planning

Camera & Gear

Understanding the basics of camera and what to pack as a travel filmmaker.

Camera & Gear

Filming Process

My filming process and simple but effective filming techniques to use when filming travel content.

Filming Process

Editing Process

Learn the fundamentals of editing, storytelling, as well as extra techniques that brings your travel stories to life.

Editing Process

Business & Careers

The business of travel filmmaking and tips on how to pitch and negotiate to clients.

Business & Careers

Meet Your Teacher


Mark Harrison

Full-time travel filmmaker

My name is Mark Harrison, I have been a full time travel content creator since 2017. It’s not been a stroke of luck or chance, It’s actually very attainable through hard work and dedication. That’s why we’re here, I’m going to show you exactly how to get started on your journey.This course is a simple series of steps that will get you on your way to traveling full time and getting paid. I am here to equip you with the tools you’ll need to grow and succeed in this industry. Time to turn yourself into a full time travel content creator.

Class Schedule

01World of Travel & Basics

What to expect in this course, and the mentality and fortitude needed to approach travel filmmaking.

Introduction and what to expect

The Mindset and approach to travel filmmaking

Do you need a following to start?

02Before you Travel

How plan and budget your travels in order to make it a sustainable career, and understanding the basics of camera.

Planning & Budgeting for Travel

Collaborating: How to connect with others.

Understand the basics of camera

What to pack to travel full-time

03During Travel

Travel filmmaking is not the same as traditional storytelling. You don’t always know what to expect. In this module, learn how to film travel content on the go.

Run & Gun Filmmaking

Case study example

04After Travel: Editing Part 1

How do you piece everything together? In this module, we get into the basics of editing and approach to creating your travel film.

Basics of editing in FCP

Music, Cuts, Timeline

Speed and Pacing

Colour, VFX, and SFX

05After Travel: Editing Part 2

How to improve your storytelling, adapt your content to different platforms, and deal with creative block.

Storytelling framework

Editing approach for different platforms

How to deal with creator paralysis

06Business of Travel Filmmaking

You’ve learned how to plan your travels, and how to film and edit travel content. But, how do you turn it into a career? This is where we cover the business of travel filmmaking and what to do in order to turn your passion into a career.

YouTube monetisation basics

Working with clients

Negotiation tips and media kits

Tips to transition from part-time to full-time

Answering FAQs

4 Resources

Gear list

My own video clips to practice editing a 30 second reel

My email pitch template

My media kit

Does Nas Daily teach the live sessions himself?

Will I have access to the video recording once the course is over?

Will I get a Certificate, as proof of my learning?

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Become the Travel Filmmaker You Have Always Dreamed to Be

with Mark Harrison

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