The Power ofCommunities



Marco Chiang



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Who Is This For

For people that want to use the power of communities to take their corporate or creative careers to the next level


What I'll Teach

  • Why you need to be in a Community
  • How to Build or Participate in a Community
  • How to Find People for Your Community

About Me


Marco Chiang

Hi! I’m Marco. I am a movement artist, creator, and community leader. I’ve been fostering impactful communities since 2014 including the Intern Project which served 8k+ Bay Area interns annually, Mission Control a hacker house where Vitalik Buterin incubated Ethereum, and most recently Red Door TV an IRL and virtual global creative community for content creators. My mission is to create more structure for the creator economy so more and more people can turn to their creative passions as sustainable careers. A big part of that goal is developing tight-knit communities where knowledge and collaboration can flow abundantly and empower everyone to form their communities.

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