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Luis Buenaventura

Luis Buenaventura

Crypto Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Luis. I am the country manager for the Philippines for Yield Guild Games, a startup bringing metaversal income to emerging economies, and a cofounder at BloomX, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange. I’m also one of the world's first NFT artists (CurioCards, 2017), as well as the first Filipino NFT artist to have work auctioned off at Christie's. I have authored two books on cryptocurrencies: The Little Bitcoin Book (2019) and Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin (2017).Most people nowadays are still hesistant of getting into cryptocurrencies. This is mainly because the foundational purpose of why cryptocurrencies exist is not known to many. Most people get exposed to cryptocurrency by learning that someone became a millionaire overnight.In this course, I will share with you why Bitcoin even exists in the first place, what economic problems it aims to solve, discuss the different type of coins, and how you can easily start using and investing in cryptocurrencies.

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UTC Timezone

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01Why does Bitcoin exist?

On the first day of your journey in understanding cryptocurrency, Luis will take us back to the history of money, the problems with the current economic system and why Bitcoin was made to solve this problem.

Historical background of money

Why is Bitcoin considered the new gold standard and how it solves an economic problem

What is a blockchain?

Frequently Asked Questions

How and why I started in Crypto

02How to start in crypto?

On Day 2, we will dive into how to create an account so you can buy and sell crypto, some investment strategies and what a future using crypto looks like.

Custodial and non-custodial wallets

Creating an account

Buying and selling crypto

Investment strategies and intro to charts

Exiting the market

The future of crypto for remittances

03The Different coins and their uses

With over 11,000 coins in the market today, Luis will tackle differences among these types of coins on Day 3. Luis will also introduce you to decentralized finance and NFTs to widen your perspective on crypto.

The 3 types of cryptocurrency

Decentralized Finance


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