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Kookoo Crypto

Kookoo Crypto

Axie Infinity Trainer, Breeder, and Scholar Manager

Hi there! I’m Kookoo Crypto. After my tourist transport business was affected by lockdowns, I had to find another source of income. In Aug 2020, I saw that there were people making money by playing a crypto game. I thought that was crazy. But because I already had some Ethereum, I decided to check it out.However, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and lost money.At that point, I asked around and found my answers through different communities. As I got better at the game, I started my own YouTube channel as a way to educate more people.I made this course with Nas Academy because I want to reach out to more people internationally and help them get started. In this course, we organized the step-by-step knowledge you will need to get better and start winning in Axie Infinity. Best of all, you can learn and practice with me and your friends.

What You'll Learn

The Crypto Ecosystem

Start from the basics and learn about Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Ethereum, and the Ronin network

The Crypto Ecosystem

How Play-to-Earn works

Understand how you'll earn SLP and AXS and why it matters for your game strategy

How Play-to-Earn works

Axie Infinity 101

Choose your starting Axies and learn common mistakes to avoid in battle

Axie Infinity 101

Gameplay Strategy

Gain strategic decision-making skills to give you an edge by going through gameplay scenarios

Gameplay Strategy

Pro Tips and Tricks

Learn from Kookoo’s own experiences in Axie Infinity. He will share his tools and techniques to help you play better.

Pro Tips and Tricks

Business of Axie Infinity

Trainers, Breeders, Collectors, Scholar Managers. Learn about the many ways to earn and grow in the Axie Infinity Ecosystem.

Business of Axie Infinity

Class Samples

Intro To Axie Infinity


Creating An Axie Team


The Different Roles in Axie Infinity


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Graduation Ceremony

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

01The World of Play to Earn and Introduction to Axie Infinity

Whether you’re a gamer that wants to enter the play-to-earn space or someone that doesn’t even play video games, I’ll share everything you need to know to understand the ecosystem and get started in Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity may look like a simple game, but there’s actually a lot going on. In this section, I’ll cover all the essential topics and game-specific terms you need to know before entering the arena. I will also walk you through the common mistakes when choosing your Axie Team.

02Basic Gameplay Strategy

Combat in Axie Infinity involves cards, energy, stats, classes, and more! This can seem like a lot, and it is, but I’ll explain all the key combat concepts to help you get started playing!

03Winning Gameplay Strategy

To attack or not to attack, that is the question. I’ll demonstrate different scenarios and help you understand the advanced decision-making process of an experienced player. I will also be sharing with you some tips and tools that can help you advance your gameplay strategies.

04The Business of Axie Infinity and the Power of Community

Being a trainer is not the only way to earn money in Axie Infinity. There are various roles in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, from breeders and traders to collectors and scholar managers. Community is also a major aspect of Axie Infinity. I’ll explain topics beyond the game itself- like Discord, Guilds, and Scholarships.

05Research (and Play!)

Axie Infinity is a game that is easy to play but not easy to master. Research is key, and it’s time to do your own research and put the knowledge you have gained into practice. Replay some of the scenarios from Day 4 and use them to improve your own strategy.

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Class Guide

Axie Parts

Roles in the Ecosystem

Breeding Guide

Card Combinations

Axie Infinity Tools

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