How To Take YourFirst Step As AContent Creator



Kassie Yeung



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Who Is This For

For people who want to try create content but don't know how to start, what topic to focus on, and lack confidence


What I'll Teach

  • The importance of Experimentation
  • The importance of Consistency
  • The importance of Mental Resilience

About Me


Kassie Yeung

I’m Kassie Yeung. I was born in Seattle, Washington and spent my childhood growing up in Japan. I currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. I have trained extensively in hip-hop influenced choreography, ballet, contemporary and jazz. In 2016 I joined the professional dance company, GRV, and through them I have performed with Renowned Korean Pop Boy Band “BTS” on MBC’s the Voice Finale. In 2020, I began creating content and grew exponentially on the platforms TikTok and Instagram, with 500,000+ followers on TikTok and 100,000+ on Instagram. I have worked with different companies and brands including WEBTOON, GUESS, Coursera, Grammarly, DOE Lashes, and STEEZY.

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