Investing In Crypto 101



Kai Chen



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Who Is This For

For someone who wants to get the perspective of a traditional finance investor’s expertise on investing in Crypto.


What I'll Teach

  • Investment opportunities can easily claim 100% to 1,000% or more returns, but are they real and sustainable? How to find out.
  • The different asset classes within crypto that you can invest in.
  • Investment fundamentals you must consider before investing.
  • What are crypto scams (''rug pulls'') and how to avoid them.

About Me


Kai Chen

Hi, I'm Kai. I am the founder and CEO of OceanIQ Capital, an investment firm started in 2013. OceanIQ invests in public equities, private equity funds, technology start-ups, and crypto-currency projects on behalf of its client families. I am actively involved in venture capital and have invested in over 25 technology and biotechnology start-ups. I am also a governor of LiquidityDAO, a joint venture between layer one blockchain Harmony and decentralized market maker Hummingbot. I began my investment management career at Goldman Sachs and followed by 12 years at Credit Suisse. My investment advisory teams had overseen multi-billion dollars of client assets. Immigrated to the US from Taiwan as a teenager, I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Business Economics.

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