How to Create Engaging Short Stories in 30 Seconds or Less


10 Days

1 hour per day


Content Creation

using just your phone



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What You’ll Learn

Why short-form content is right for you

Harness the power of shortform content, and discover how TikTok compares to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Why short-form content is right for you

Travel hacks and budgeting on the go

Learn about the mindset you'll need to become a full-time creator and you'll pick up a few travel hacks along the way.

Travel hacks and budgeting on the go

Discover new approaches to ideation

Find and develop creative ideas from your daily routine and apply them to your life as a content creator.

Discover new approaches to ideation

Film on your phone with confidence

Get a beginner’s guide to filming on your phone along with tips on speaking with confidence in front of the camera.

Film on your phone with confidence

The ultimate mobile editing guide

Change your approach to editing and consistently shape your story using nothing but the phone that’s in your hand right now.

The ultimate mobile editing guide

Develop your brand and master the algorithm

Create a brand from your channel and approach the algorithm like an expert.

Develop your brand and master the algorithm

Meet Your Teacher


Jorden Tually


For the past 7 years, I’ve traveled across the world creating travel content! I've not only visited 68 countries, I’ve also been able to work with some of my dream brands that include Sony, Google, and The Marriott.This course isn't all about travel content. Just like any industry you have to learn the ropes and take that leap. That's why I am here to show you how you can do it, even from the comfort of your home and daily life.There is always opportunity in travel content creation, just like every other industry. You just have to learn the ropes and take the leap.So join me as I teach you how to approach content creation and storytelling for social media. Who knows, it might even become your full time job!

Class Schedule

01 Power of Short-Form

Understand the social media landscape as a travel content creator, and why short form is the most accessible way to get into this space.

My story and learnings

The potential of short-form and challenges to consider

Which social media platform to start with

02Travel Hacking & Budgeting

How the heck have I managed to travel for so long? In this module, we get into budgeting along with the mindset you need in order to allow yourself the space and time to thrive as a content creator in whatever niche you choose.

Managing Mindset

Managing Budget

Research & Planning

Making friends as a solo-traveller

03Find an Idea From Nothing

Planning out every video storyline sounds like a good idea, but in a world where you already lack the time to create short form content, it's not sustainable. Let me show you a better approach!

How to get over common hurdles as a new brand in the space

Approach to finding ideas

How to turn an idea into a story

Theory in practice

Overcoming creative blocks

04Filming On Your Phone

Filming a short story doesn’t require technical camera gear or even techniques, but what you film and how it adds to the story matters.

What to film vs. not film as a travel content creator

How to find, train, and talk with confidence

05Editing On Your Phone

How to edit and use the five components of every good story: the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution.

Understanding 5 components of storytelling

Follow-along tutorial: editing in practice

06Personal Branding & Algorithm

Personal brands dominate social media, so learn the basics of branding when it comes to content creation.

Tips on personal branding

Tips on approaching the algorithm

3 Resources

Video clips to edit from (from a video that got over 11M+ views)

Storytelling framework

Suggestions of ideas to get you started

Do I need any special equipment or software?

Will I have access to the video recording once the course is over?

Will I get a Certificate, as proof of my learning?

Diego Borgo

How to create engaging short stories in 30 seconds or less

with Jorden Tually

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