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About This Class

When I first became interested in photograophy, I asked every photographer I could find to mentor me. They all said NO! They didn’t want to share their “secret sauce”. I vowed to myself that if the day ever came when people cared about what I had to say, I would teach them everything I know. And that day has come! My name’s Jordan Matter, I’m a professional portrait and dance photographer. I’ve published two NY Times bestselling photography books, I have almost 20 million followers on social media and over two billion views on YouTube. I’ve probably taken a million photos, but I have NEVER shared my secrets – until now. This course is not just comprehensive, it’s exhaustive! I filmed for two straight weeks in New York City and Los Angeles so I could deliver on my promise to make this an ultimate dance photography class online.Whether you’re a photographer who already has an extensive portfolio or only just starting out, you’ll not only learn how to take amazing photos but you’ll also find new ways to express your creativity as an artist. And to top it all off, this class will introduce you to a global community of passionate photographers! This means you’ll be able to network, build connections and possibly even meet someone to collaborate on future projects with.And if you’re not satisfied, I will give you a full refund! No questions asked. That is my promise to you – I have waited over twenty years to share my secret sauce...and now I left nothing in the bottle!

Maximize Your Photography Skills

Be More Effective When Shooting Outdoors

Lighting is very tricky outdoors, but you don’t have to fix it all in the edit. Save yourself time by learning Jordan’s techniques.


Hacks For Perspective and Composition

Optical illusions and the placement of objects can instantly take your photography from basic to professional.


Leverage the Equipment You Already Have

Even the most boring locations can be turned into a creative backdrop – all you need is your imagination...and some tips!


The Simple Art of Portrait Photography

A photographer’s portfolio is never complete without beautiful portrait shots that capture someone’s personality.

photos of your kids

How to With Dancers to Get the Perfect Shot

Attracting more clients means learning how to work under pressure and become a known name in your niche.


Enhance Your Portfolio Through Storytelling

When posting on social media, you only have a short window to grab attention! Learn the formula for getting an emotional reaction.

waht ill teach

You Will Get

  • Jordan’s tips for taking mind-blowing pictures on your phone

  • Creative ways of using any space to take professional-looking pictures

  • Practical camera settings for indoor vs. outdoor photoshoots

  • Must-know techniques for capturing movement effortlessly

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01How to utilize camera settings to your advantage

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced photographer – it’s always good to get a refresher on the basics. We’ll run over everything from how to control the lighting on your camera, to which equiment you should use could make the difference between a mediocre shot, and the perfect shot.

My Ultimate Photography Secret Sauce

My Gear List: What Cameras and Lenses I Use

The Must-Knows for Capturing the Shot on a Phone

02Capturing epic dance shots in the city streets (Guest: Nas Daily)

A city is one of the best locations for taking dance photos and capturing movement! But before you venture off outside, you’ll first need to understand exactly how to frame your shot in the concrete jungle, navigate the crowds, handle passerbys, and sometimes even deal with security!

Shooting in The City: The Basics

The Crazy Adventure of Street Photography

How to Photograph Someone You Don’t Know

How to Photograph a Non-Dancer

How to Get a Good Skyline Shot

Types of Lenses Used in Outdoor Photography

03Taking perfect outdoor photos at any time of day

Continue to experiment in the city streets, but start leveling up by creating something more extraordinary for your social media and portfolio – through a beautiful combination of storytelling and serendipity.

Taking Pictures on the Sidewalk

The Secret to Shooting in the Evening

Framing Your Shots Even When Your Location Is Ugly

How to Continue Your Shoot in the Rain

The Power of Random Moments in Photography

04Shooting inside stores and other public areas

Sometimes your perfect shot might be waiting for you inside a cafe – so what to do then? And what about those ordinary places that you visit every day? You’ll be surprised how many photo opportunities are waiting for you to grab them.

How to Take the Dream Photos in Subways, Safely

Behind the Scenes: Sneaking Into a Coffee Shop and Supermarket

Spotting the Moments For Taking Spontaneous Photos in Public Places

05Taking photos in nature and landscapes (Guest: Sofie Dossi)

Nature evokes powerful emotions in people, and breathtaking landscapes are what make people stop and stare. Make full use of your environment by learning how to work with the outdoor elements and capture on-the-go moments.

Taking Photos in the Park and Outdoor Greenery

Taking Photos on the Beach and Near Water

Take Your Skills to New Heights Through Visual Storytelling

06Taking photos with what you have (Guest: Piper Rockelle)

You don’t have to have a fancy studio or professional lighting to take stunning portraits – in fact you can even do it underwater! And more so, photography can be a fun and meaningful way to connect with others and build a name for yourself.

Taking Photos at Home: Ideas for Every Type of Room

How to Take Portraits at Home With Any Camera

Maximizing the Equipment You Already Have

Underwater Photography 101

07Editing: What Happens After Taking All the Photos?

Selecting the perfect shot is a process that takes time and experience, but there are some lesser-known editing tips that will elevate your photos. Finally, let’s talk about social media platforms and how to make sure that your content stands out.

How to Edit Photos Like Jordan Matter

Tips for Posting Your Photos on Social Media

Next Steps: Applying What You’ve Learned in Real Life

Bonus Resources

Jordan Matter’s Checklist for Publishing Online

Dance Photography Tips: Summary Sheet

City Photography #1: Camera Settings

City Photography #2: Camera Settings

Indoor Photography Guide

Indoor Photography: Camera Settings

Outdoor Photography Guide

Jordan Matter’s Photography Gear List

Meet Your Instructor

Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter


Those who know me can confirm that I’m a photographer who is always busy drinking way too much caffeine, as well as collaborating with some of the most talented dancers and TikTok stars on the planet. I love saying “the best camera is the one in your hand” because I truly believe that great photography is about following your gut and trusting the process. I’m going to teach you everything that helped me reach over 18 million followers on social media!

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