How To CreateA Story Out Of Anything



Jack Gordon



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Who Is This For

For Creators who want to improve their storytelling and editing skills


What I'll Teach

  • How to establish the 3 arc narrative
  • How to organise and structure ideas to tell a story
  • Editing tips that satisfy the platform algorithm
  • Tricks to keep the audience engaged

About Me


Jack Gordon

I’m Jack. I've been on Youtube for 6-years and have soaked in the influences of every creator I watch, from Casey Neistat to Captain Disillusion. Along with my twists and original ideas, I have formulated my channel to be a cross of pop culture and science, explaining the 'WHY' to the internet's biggest phenomenons. Although my videos are scripted and explanatory, I've learned how to craft a story within them to keep viewers hooked and on the edge of their seats. In this workshop, I will dive into how I edit videos to keep them feeling fresh, energetic, and focused while driving a compelling narrative that adds new layers to the creation and viewing experience.

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