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What You’ll Learn

YouTube Shorts Basics

Everything from the console to the effects that will set you up for success on the platform.

YouTube Shorts Basics

Short-Form Storytelling

How I find a story worth telling, and my scripting tactics for short-form (versus long-form) content.

Short-Form Storytelling

How To Edit Reels

I have a proven approach to editing for better retention and engagement on short videos.

How To Edit Reels

A Winning Process

A walkthrough of my end-to-end workflow when creating content so you can become more efficient.

A Winning Process

How I Built A Community

Creator success hinges on knowing how to build an online community, and I’ll show you how.

How I Built A Community

Shooting On Your Phone

There are some mind-blowing tips on how to film on your phone, for better angles, lighting, and audio

Short-Form Storytelling

Meet Your Instructor

Isaiah Photo

Isaiah Photo


Hello, my name’s Isaiah and my YouTube channel went from 100,000 to 6 million subscribers in under ONE year. And if you’ve seen one of my videos, you’ll know that I love saying “too easy.” But the fact is, growing on social media was not easy. I just couldn’t hack the algorithm. Until I tried YouTube Shorts, that is. Short-form videos changed everything and my channel exploded. In 60 seconds or less, you can share your message and keep them coming back for more. Shorts allow you to move faster and engage with your viewers in more meaningful ways than you can ever imagine. Simply put, it’s the future of content creation. If you think you’re not cut out to be a creator because nobody’s watching your videos, maybe you’re meant to be a Shorts creator

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Cross-Platform Posting From Shorts


How To Retain Attention On Your Shorts


Creating A Engaged & Loyal Audience On YouTube


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01Introduction to YouTube Shorts Content Creation

So, how do Shorts work? Let’s get into the specifics of how I grew to 3 million followers in less than a year on the platform.

Introduction to short-form content

My success story with Shorts

Step-by-step walkthrough of YouTube Shorts interface

02The Basics of YouTube Shorts

A deep dive into the fundamentals of Shorts, everything from how to monetize your content to the algorithm. I’ll also break down the key factors that helped my most successful shorts and formats that worked well, and share what NOT to do when you’re publishing on Shorts.

Important things you need to know about YouTube Shorts

Key factors to the success of Shorts

03How To Find A Winning Story For Short Videos

After grasping all the basics to get started, you’re going to go through my entire process for creating a YouTube short on my channel. The very first step: how to find a story that’s worth telling. Next, how to take the big idea and flesh that out into short-form content.

How to successfully find a story that’s worth sharing

Structuring a story from beginning to end

What you need to prepare for the shoot

04What It Takes To Shoot A Viral YouTube Short

Like many creators, I have a tried-and-tested way of preparing for shooting the footage. It keeps me on task and makes the process more effecient. Plus, I’ll also show you how to be more confident in front of camera.

How to develop confidence and personality in front of the camera

Hacks to combating social anxiety and public speaking

Tips for filming on your phone

Behind the scenes of me creating an actual Shorts video

05My Editing Approach For All Of My YouTube Shorts

Premier Pro is my editing software, and I’ll be showing you exactly how I piece together my Shorts. At the same time, I also share important tips for thumbnails and titles that will help you increase your reach.

My editing process for Shorts

My approach to creating successful thumbnails and titles on YouTube

Tips for increasing video engagement and watch time

My final advice for short-form content creation

2 Resources

Shorts Arc vs. Traditional Narrative Arc

Finding an Idea and Turning it into a Story

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