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Invisible College

Invisible College is a school focused on helping people learn, invest, and build in web3. Members get a unique opportunity to have ownership of their education by accessing the school through the Decentralien NFT collection.

We offer in-depth courses, weekly events, and continuous support through a private discord server to our students.

Ultimately we are here to give you the skills, network, and opportunities to succeed in web3.

What’s Inside

Courses from top creators

Get free access to 18+ courses from top content creators and web3 investors.


Private Discord server

Discover new NFTs, DAOs and DeFi projects before everyone else.


Topic-based deep dives

Attend events covering specific trends, projects, and happenings in web3


Become a Member

To join Invisible College you'll need to hold at least one Decentralien NFT.


    Who is Invisible College For?

    Token Investors

    Web3 Builders

    The Crypto-Curious

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    What is Invisible College?

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