Influencer Marketing Masterclass

What You’ll Learn

Choosing Influencers

There are different kinds of influencers, so know what to look out for when shortlisting.

Pick the Right Influencers

Approaching Influencers

Who should you reach out to? How do you negotiate? Are there guidelines or standard terms?

Approaching Influencers

Working with Influencers

Ensure a successful partnership and campaign by knowing standard procedures.

Working with Influencers

How to Measure Results

Accurately attribute the success of an influencer campaign to the talent (versus the brand).

How to Measure Results

Who Did It Well and Why

Discover patterns behind brands who have been masterful at designing influencer campaigns.

Who Did It Well and Why

Long-Term Strategies

Make sure that your influencer campaign continues to drive long-term value for your brand.

Long-Term Strategies
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