How To Build An NFT Community

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Community Operations & Top Strategies

Master your operations with proven NFT project strategies that will grow your communities from project mint and beyond.

Community Operations & Top Strategies

Build A Community From The Ground Up

Take out the guesswork with my 5-step guide on building a thriving community within this space.

Build A Community From The Ground Up

Meaningful Engagement Using Social Media

Attract audiences and bring them together as a community with proven social media strategies in the pre-mint, mint, and post-launch project stages.

Meaningful Engagement Using Social Media

Master Memorable Branding

Reputation is key in the NFT world. Cultivate a brand that is true to yourself and aligns with your goals and visions.

Master Memorable Branding

Build Your Community Development Team

Find the people with experience, know-how, and whose passion matches yours, who will turn your dream into a reality.

Build Your Community Development Team

Get Community Management Skillsets

Develop the most important skills needed for finding employment as a community manager, even without a technical background.

Get Community Management Skillsets

Who You’ll Become

A Community Manager

Make the transition from participant to innovator by learning the skills to organize and manage a community.

A Community Manager

A Project Creator

Broaden your skillset and take your project from inception to years post-launch by taking full ownership of your community.

A Project Creator

A Leader in the Space

Create the space you want for your projects, build hype with engagement, and develop the communities you want to see.

A Leader in the Space

Class Curriculum

01Management Operations & Strategies

Community management and growth is basically the single most important element when building a successful NFT project. However, there is a lack of good or solid information available on it. At the end of this module, you should be able to understand what operations do, how to build communities and how to develop your own community strategy.


What is a community in this space?

What are community operations?

How to create a crypto community

How to build a community on different platforms

How to set the tone of a community

How to create and maintain community rules

02Engagement & Branding

What is community engagement? While there are almost as many definitions out there as there are people trying to define it, in its simplest terms, community engagement seeks to better engage the community to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, discourse, decision-making, or implementation. In this module, you’ll learn the strategies and processes that are crucial to building engagement within your community at different stages. You’ll also learn how to brand yourself and build up your reputation within the space.

What is community engagement? What does that look like?

Benefits of community engagement

Tips for meaningful community engagement

What is branding?

03The Jobs In The Community

In this module, learn who to hire, how to hire and how to build a team that is contextual to the Web3 space. I’ll show you how I build and structure my team, and will interview other project founders who’ve hired within the space and what they look out for. Additionally, for the people who want to be employed in the space, this module will cover the skills you need to develop to pivot and where you can develop those skills.

Whom do I hire?

How to build a team

How big is your team and how do you delegate tasks?

How to hire if you have a low budget or no budget?

Employability: Where do you fit in?

What skills can you develop to pivot?

04Partnerships & Safety

Partnerships are extremely powerful in the Web3 / NFT space. In this module, learn how to find potential partners for collaborations and allow cross-pollination of communities to increase exposure for your project(s) to new audiences. Additionally, in this module, you’ll also learn how to secure your community from scams, hacks and frauds.

The importance of partnerships

Collaboration strategies

How to build new partner relationships and strengthen long-standing ones

How to secure my community from scams, hacks and frauds?

Measures to prevent community for safeties and leaks

About Zeneca


Hi! I’m Zeneca, a lifetime learner, an NFT analyst, investor, and adviser. I’ve been involved in the NFT space since early 2021, and being a part of this movement is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.I’ve watched NFT collections form and fail, while seeing others become a new pop culture movement. I’ve analyzed projects from both groups and formed strategies to predict which new projects will fail – and which ones will succeed. I’ve learned how to spot red flags that indicate a scam, and how to spot signs of potential in others. And now, I want to share what I’ve learned.One of the most important parts of crypto and NFTs are the communities that form around them. I’ve seen projects thrive, and I’ve watched them die - and often the difference was the community around them... Or lack of.Learning how to create and manage communities is one of the most important things you can do for your project. And, there are tons of jobs for community managers in the space - the industry is suffering for a lack of them. So, if you want to become a community manager, grow your audience, or know how to create hype for that launch (and sustain it), this class is for you! Let’s get started!

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Do I have to understand crypto or social media in order to take this class?

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