How Brands Should Enter The Metaverse And NFT Space


7 Days

1.5h video per day + 2 live sessions



Branded Metaverse or NFT Project

for your company or clients

What You’ll Learn

Discover The Potential For Your Brand In The Space

Get insights into how Fortune 500 brands but also web3 native projects successfully entered the Metaverse and NFT space.

Discover The Potential For Your Brand

How To Bring Your Brand Into The Metaverse

Identify the potential, key metrics, best practices, and strategies to achieve success when launching your Metaverse project.

Marketing Your Brand with Metaverse Projects

How To Use NFTs To Grow Your Brand

Learn about the opportunities NFTs present for your brand through interviews with brand leaders and case studies.

How To Use NFT Projects To Grow Your Brand

Strategies & Frameworks To Launch Your Project

Use the same step-by-step guides, frameworks, worksheets, and checklists as Diego to plan your brand’s project.

Strategies & Frameworks To Launch Your Project

How To Build Community

Learn how to grow, connect, and build relationships with your consumers in ways that were never possible before.

How to Build A Strong Community

How To Increase Your Reach With Web3

Take advantage of the early stage of the new Internet and position your brand at the forefront of this revolution.

How To Increase Your Reach with Web3
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What You’ll Get

Community to Build Your Metaverse/NFT Network

Get live sessions with classmates, group chats, and the chance to join a Metaverse launch party.

Community to Build Your Metaverse/NFT Network

Frameworks to Build an Actionable Project Plan

Lifetime access to resources, checklists and frameworks to help you build your first project.

Frameworks to Build an Actionable Project Plan

Your Graduation Certificate as an NFT

Graduate with an NFT certificate documenting your achievement Show it off in web3 spaces!

Your Graduation Certificate as an NFT

Featuring Interviews With

Meet Your Instructor


Diego Borgo

Metaverse and NFT strategist and advisor

Gm! I'm Diego Borgo, a Metaverse and NFT strategist and advisor. I help Fortune 500 brands and Web3-native projects enter and succeed in this new space.In my past (Web2) life, I spent over 8 years playing consultant to many brands and helped them with their Digital Marketing strategies.I have been in Blockchain since 2017, and have spent more than a year collecting, building, advising and delivering NFT projects and Metaverse strategies for global brands and Web3 founders.I'm a tactical, hands-on worker and have gotten my hands dirty launching many projects with big brands. I value people's time and money – so if you are ready to take the next step into the Metaverse and NFT space with your brand, company or clients and have zero tolerance for bullsh*t and self-proclaimed experts – this is the class to start with, and now's the time to do it.

Diego Borgo

Class Schedule

2 Live Zoom Sessions
Meet your classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

Graduate with classmates & meet Diego

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

01Intro: What is the Metaverse and why does it matter?

“The Metaverse” is a bit of an ambiguous concept. Diego will tell you his experience, and correct some misconceptions that you or your brand might have towards entering the space. He will uncover it’s crazy potential, and highlight some examples of how brands and customers are already taking advantage of it.

Meet Diego Borgo

Basic Web3 Terms: What’s a “Metaverse”?

The potential for brands in the Metaverse

02How NFTs will help your brand grow

Diego will cover history of NFTs and how they became a pop culture movement in an unprecedented way. You’ll also learn about the different kinds of NFTs, common misconceptions about them and more importantly: you’ll go over case studies of big brands like Nike and Stella Artois who have launched successful NFTs.

What are NFTs?

The Different Kinds of NFTs

What are the most important distribution channels for NFTs?

Big brands that have launched NFT projects (and how)

The importance of NFTs for brands

How to use NFTs to build community and connect better with your audience

How to enhance brand storytelling and exposure with NFTs

How NFTs can create new revenue streams for your brand

03Building your brands Metaverse launch strategy

Learn the 5 strategic hurdles that most brands face when entering the Metaverse space – and how you can tackle them. You’ll also learn what makes a strategy effective and what metrics can help you define success (because we all have KPIs to meet!).

How to get over common hurdles as a new brand in the space

Case study: Woodies - How to tackle sustainability & climate change through NFTs

Interview with Max Camperetto, Web3 Studio Co-Founder at Salesforce

Case study: Party Degenertates – How to be authentic and relevant to the community by giving experiences money can’t buy

Interview with Oliver Scherenberg, Founder of SCHERENBERG LEGAL & LICENSING

04A Framework For Entering The Metaverse

Get ready to be taken through a killer framework that’s been tried, tested and playbooked over several brands and their Metaverse and NFT launches. After that, you’ll repurpose and apply this framework to your own brand as you launch into the Metaverse.

The 3 Pillar framework used by top brands

How to set S.M.A.R.T goals for your project

The 10-step execution framework to launch your project

Interview with Tim Walther, Metaverse & NFT at the Volkswagen Group

05Planning Your Launch and Going-To-Market

This phase is all about execution using Diego’s step-by-step process for how to launch a successful campaign in the Metaverse and NFT space. With this guide, your brand can create incredible exposure, and build partnerships between projects and brands.

5 key concepts to know before launching your Metaverse project

10 important steps to consider when building your launch strategy

Launching a successful campaign

How to develop a community around your project

Interview with Andre Costa, Director Of Growth At Media.Monks

06Post-Launch: How to build your project for sustainability

Even if the launch goes well, there’s still more to be done. In fact, this is when the real work begins! Brands need to show their customers that they made the right decision to trust their brand after the launch. If you don’t, you risk losing the ability to build natively and authentically in the space, and you can lose the trust and loyalty of your buyers.

A complete post-launch checklist

Reasons why many projects fail after launching, and how to avoid it

How to retain success and build NFT communities

Exclusive interview with NFT expert, Zeneca, on building NFT communities


On this day, you’ll take what you’ve learnt and actually put it into practice! As your final project for this class, prepare a Metaverse or NFT project for your brand and pitch it to your classmates.

Resources Included

An A to Z of Web3

Your Project Launch Plan Template

Your Complete Post-Launch Checklist

Who You Are

Business-Owners Looking to Grow Online

You want to expand your reach, improve your marketing plan and prep your business for the future.

Business-Owners Looking to Grow Online

Consultants or Agencies Looking to Grow Clients

You want to feel more confident pitching Web3 project ideas to new clients & retain existing ones.

Consultants or Agencies Looking to Grow Clients

An Employee or Brand looking to create impact

You need frameworks and guidance on how to take advantage of the Metaverse & NFT's potential.

An Employee or Brand looking to create impact
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Diego Borgo

How Brands Should Enter The Metaverse And NFT Space

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