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Secrets to Editing For Content Creators


6 Days

1.5 hours per day



An edit for a creator's video

with exclusive access to famous creators' raw files


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What You'll Learn

Basic Editing Theory

Understand the principles and the art behind editing before deep-diving into different techniques.

Basic Editing Theory

Storytelling Structure

The structure to compelling storytelling will act as your guide throughout your edit.

Storytelling Components

Optimize Your Edit

Ensure your edits quickly capture and hold attention by better examining your own work.

Optimize for Engagement

Complete Editing Guide

Watch a follow-along tutorial with raw video files by Logan Paul, and then try it for yourself.

Complete Editing Guide

Genre-Based Styles

See exactly how different creators edit depending on their different storytelling genres.

Genre-Based Styles

Working with Creators

Managing relationships, as an editor for content creators, is an important aspect to master.

Working with Creators

Meet Your Instructor

Hayden Hillier-Smith

Hayden Hillier-Smith

YouTube Editor

I’ve been on YouTube for over 14 years, and I edit for content creators such as Logan Paul, Ryan Trayhan, and Airrack. On my own channel, I pull-back the curtain on what makes some videos go viral and breakdown the creative choices content creators make to keep videos so compelling.I’m here to share everything I have learned along the way by laying out my step-by-step approach to editing.




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Become a Better Video Editor

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