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Gweys Soriano



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Who Is This For

For anyone who wants to learn about the Fashion Industry and the Opportunities within.


What I'll Teach

  • My Journey in the Fashion Industry.
  • Opportunities in the Fashion Industry.
  • Tips to get into the Fashion Industry.

About Me


Gweys Soriano

Hi, I'm Gweys. Being one of the hottest stylists in the region, with an excellent portfolio of collaborations with A-listers, celebrities as well as renowned brands, I don’t only work in the glamorous world of fashion, but I have also poured my talents into giving back to the community. ''Within the styling and fashion sector itself, the greatest way forward is collaboration instead of competition,''. Among my many laurels in 2019, the fashion guru has led the styling and design teams for various personalities such as Mariah Carey, singer-actress Azza Zarour, and Filipino celebrities like Janine Gutierrez and Rocco Nacino. I have also worked with brands like Tiffany & Co, Marli & Highstreet Jewelry, Nivea & Lobello, Dolce & Gabbana, and many others.

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