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Opportunity for a 6-month contract with Grab

Free 4-month content creation training

1:1 Mentorship

Win exciting prizes

Get community support

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4 Months Training

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4 Months Training

Content Creation Training with GrabForGood
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Are you a power storyteller based in Singapore or Malaysia? We want you!

In this program, we will equip you with the tools to tell powerful stories about GrabForGood in 4 months (consists of a 1-month course and a 3-month mentorship).

In the first month, our 8-session content creation training will sharpen your skills in content creation, from scripting to publishing. Learn to tell a relatable, organized, and authentic story to a mass audience. In the next 3 months, you will also receive 1:1 mentorship with our handpicked facilitators to journey with you on the process. You’ll receive first-hand advice from experts in the field.

What’s more, the end of the program won’t be the end of your journey! Being a part of this experience will place you in a community of likeminded creators. We also have some exciting opportunities for our participants who excel! Top students at the end of this program will have the chance to be selected as GrabForGood storytellers on a paid contract for 6-months.

This program is the opportunity of a lifetime to launch your career in the creator economy.

Up for the challenge? Join us!

What the Training Covers

Session 1


Learn to write scripts that are engaging and effective, and how you can translate them into videos that resonate with people.

  • Introduction to the Golden 3
  • Structuring Your Video
  • Scripting Your Video
  • Planning Your Shotlist
  • In-Class Activity: Tell your Grab Story
Session 2


In this class, you will learn how to elevate your storytelling with filming techniques. You will be taught tried and tested techniques like framing, lighting, and audio.

  • Types of Shots and How to Use Them
  • Cameras and What They Can Do
  • In-Class Acitivity: Shoot Your first GrabForGood Story
Session 3

Introduction to Editing

Editing can be daunting because of the complexity of software and the number of programs to navigate. We’ve settled on the most popular and effective software, where we’ll teach you to work with Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

  • Introduction to Editing
  • Editing Video Footage
  • Editing Audio Footage
  • Learn Useful Hotkeys
Session 4

Types of Videos Every Creator Should Know

Learn about various video styles, their strengths, and their structures. See how you can use these styles to create videos that are engaging and relatable.

  • Types of Videos
  • Other Storytelling Styles
  • Finding the Video Type That Suits You Most
Session 5

Sourcing Brand Stories

Find entertaining and engaging brand stories to share with the world.

  • Introducing Grab
  • How to Find Inspiration With Research
  • Finding an Angle
Section 5

Intermediate Editing

Try your hand at intermediate editing skills, including keyframing, to animate your videos and enhance their quality.

  • Key Framing - How To Animate
  • Video Manipulation to Support Your Story
  • Video and Audio Effects and How to Use Them
Session 7

Advanced Editing

Learn how to frame your shots to convey emotion and take a closer look at the importance of thumbnails for various platforms.

  • Second Video Showcase
  • Why You Need to Think About Framing and Purpose
  • In-Class Editing Session
  • The Power of Thumbnails
Session 8


A look at different social media platform algorithms, and how to choose the right one for your content.

  • Choosing a Format
  • Top Social Media Platforms
  • Cross-Promotion and Why It Works
  • Preparation for Mentorship



Opportunity for a 6-month contract with Grab

Free 4-month content creation training

1:1 Mentorship

Win exciting prizes

Get community support

What's Included

  • Learn Digital Skills

    to create content for social media

  • Creative Community

    of like-minded content creators and mentors to support you

  • Opportunity to be Selected

    as GrabForGood storytellers on a paid 6-month contract

Who Is This For?

If you are...

An aspiring content creator

who loves storytelling through videos and sharing them with the world

A storyteller who wants to level-up your content

through an engaging content creation course and mentorship program

Selection Process


Application - Closes Dec 5

Submit a 60-second video on why you should be selected for this program and describe the type of stories you would love to tell.



We will screen all applications and handpick the best candidates for a short interview


Results - Released by Dec 15

Successful applicants will be notified and guided through an onboarding process.


All you need to know

What is GrabForGood?

GrabForGood is Grab's commitment to use technology as a force for good by creating positive social impact for people, cities, and the planet. Learn more here:

    Who is Nas Academy?

    We’re humans just like you who like to make videos! Nas Academy is the brain child of Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily. Nas Daily videos have been seen more than 6 billion times. Our headquarters is in Singapore but want to teach everyone, everywhere how to make compelling videos that will change the world.

      What will I learn?

      The Nas Academy creates creators. We want to impart the knowledge that made Nas Daily the storytelling powerhouse it is today!

        1-month course: Our course is unique – high energy, hard work and lots of fun. You will be equipped with knowledge on how to script, film, edit and present.

          3-month mentorship: Our qualified mentors will be giving you 1:1 feedback on your script and videos in order to supercharge you for next 3 months and beyond.

            Please note that both sections of the program are mandatory.

              Who can apply?

              This course is only for individuals who are based in Singapore or Malaysia throughout the period of the program, and are over 16 years old at the time of application. Your level in video making does not matter. All levels are welcome. We have people who have experience with photography and making videos and plenty of those who don’t. This course is perfect for anyone who is passionate about telling stories.

                How much time should I set aside for the course?

                Short answer: 12 hours per week.

                  Long answer: Each week has 2 classes. Each class is 2 hours long, plus 1 hour of community time. Plus, we’ll have 2 digital labs, 1 hour each, where we get together and see if there’s any questions. Aaaaand don’t forget to set time aside to work on your projects. So, in total, around 12 hours per week!

                    The timings of the course are as follows: Every Tues 7-10pm and Sat 2-5pm (Excluding Public holidays), starting Dec 18 2021

                      What equipment do I need to have?

                      You’ll need a few things:

                      • A reasonably new computer – Windows or Mac. You'll need Final Cut Pro X (Mac only) or Premiere Pro (Windows or Mac) too as an editing software. Also, you need to ensure you have minimum 20 GB free space or access to an external hard drive.
                      • Any digital camera will do or even your smartphone.
                      • If you have a microphone, great!
                      • A stable internet connection – preferably 50 Mbps to upload and download.
                      • Lots of time – please set aside time to do your course and make your videos!

                      What are the deliverables of the program?

                      In total, you will be making 9 videos or more throughout the 4-months. .

                        During the 1-month course, you’ll be making 3 videos and have the chance to be hands-on with learnings from the sessions.

                          Following which, throughout the 3-months mentorship, you are required to produce 2 videos per month surrounding GrabForGood stories. Fulfilling the requirement is mandatory for graduation and qualification for prizes and the freelance contract.

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