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Hello from the Nas Daily Video Team!We are the people behind the billions of views and thousands of videos on Nas Daily’s channels. Using Final Cut Pro and some genius editing hacks, we can launch a full video in less than a day AND reach millions of people with our unique (and efficient!) video editing style.In this course, we are going to share everything we know about editing on Final Cut Pro for social media. You will go from complete beginner to video editor as we break down the A-Zs of video editing.Giving away the Nas Daily trade secrets, you ask? Definitely. Does this pain us? Maybe. But we hope that you will take this knowledge and create your own magic using our techniques. So whether you want to edit videos for branding, social media marketing, or even a school project, signing up for this course will teach you how to do that and more, so come join us!

What You’ll Create

An Expertly Edited Video

Create a video that’s beautifully edited and refined

An Expertly Edited Video
what ill teach

What We’ll Teach

  • The ins and outs of Final Cut Pro

  • How to edit like Nas Daily

  • The basics of sound design

  • Transitions, animations, and color grading for social media

Class Samples

The different types of sound effects


Importing transitions on FCP


How do you know which videos would go viral?


Class Schedule

2 Live Sessions
Meet your classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom

Graduate with classmates

UTC Timezone

Virtual Meet on Zoom


Organization is the first step in any good editor’s process. The team will give you essential tips on how to work with your producer when organizing shoots and how to make your life easier when it comes to editing.

Introducing the Nas Daily Academy

I Don’t Need to Know How to Organize Shoots!

Beginner’s Guide To The Final Cut Pro Console

Organization 101: How To Marie Kondo Our Video Files

Need For Speed: Final Cut Pro Hotkeys & Shortcuts

Installing Effects

02Sound and Music

People can handle bad cuts, but few can handle bad audio. In this section, the editors break down the basics of sound design and music in the edit. They’ll cover everything from song selection to pacing and the introduction of breaths.

Sound Design Part I: The Basics

Sound Design Part II: Creating the Emotional Arc

Sound Design Part III: Sound Effects

How We Choose Footage

Problem: We Don't Have Enough Footage?!

03That’s a Good Looking Video

Masking is the skill behind many cool visual effects and illusions. Once you learn the basics, the possibilities as an editor are endless. Here, the editors teach you the basics of masking and walk you through an edit. They’ll also teach you each you how to choose and use transitions to improve your video flow and pacing. Finally, they’ll go over why color grading is important, and how to do it to make the best looking video possible.

Masking 101

Animation 101

Transitions 101

Color Grading For Social Media

Fix It In Post: What Can or Cannot be Fixed

Thumb-Stopping 101: Thumbnails and Video Descriptions

Backing Up: Deleting Generated Library Files, Consolidating and Zipping

04What Comes After

After producing hundreds of viral videos, the editors break down the key principles behind how you can increase watchtime and shareability in your edit, across different social media platforms. The Nas Daily team also gives some #lifeadvice on whether you should start your career as an editor with a company or as a freelancer.

Do You Know Which Ones Will Go Viral?

When Do You Know It's Time To Let Your Baby Go? - Exporting & Publishing

Breaking Down Different YouTuber Editing Styles

Planning Your Career As An Editor: Freelance Or Company?

Top Tips: Color Coding, Compressing, Stabilization & Speed Ramping

2 Resources

Editing Sound and Music in FCP

Ultimate Video Thumbnail Guide

The A-Z of Hotkeys

Shotlist Sample

Reference Shotlist Guide

Nas Academy Experience

An online class like no other

Join goal oriented classmates

Every class has limited number of students to keep the learning experience great. Start by attending a Zoom session getting to know your facilitators and peers through a WhatsApp group.


Pre-recorded videos are unlocked daily

Learn by doing practical projects

Showcase your work to your class

About Me

Nas Daily Team

Nas Daily Team

Hi everyone! This is Justin, Julian, Lesha, and Tony — and we are the team behind Nas Daily's successful videos. After editing thousands of videos, designing sounds, and building a following of over 44 million subscribers, we’re now releasing our editing secrets to the world. Come learn from us and begin your editing journey today!

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Become a Better Editor

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