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What you’ll create

Social Media Calendar

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What You’ll Create

Find & Pitch to Clients

There’s a proven way to land and build a steady pipeline of clients

Find & Pitch to Clients

Brand Yourself

Use the power of branding to sell online to all kinds of businesses

Brand Yourself

Manage Expectations

There are tips and tricks for successful client management

Join the Community

Form a Channel Strategy

Set your client up for success on social media from the start

Form a Channel Strategy

Build a Content Calendar

Deliver a winning formula for your client’s social scheduling

Build a Content Calendar

Define Your KPIs

Metrics matter and you must know how to achieve them

Define Your KPIs

What You’ll Get

Manage Multiple Clients

Learn how to be efficient and effective in your communication.

Manage Multiple Clients

Price Your Services

What is the market rate for your services? Learn that here.

Price Your Services

Get Paid On Time

Learning to get paid on time is an art- Dot will share her secrets!

Get Paid On Time

Meet Your Instructor


Dot Lung

Social Media Strategist

I’m Dot Lung, the mother of social dragons and the breaker of algorithms. I’ve worked with top brands and helped them in establishing their online presence. I also teach social media managers methods to grow online communities, nurture community cultures, and developing brands online.Social media management is one of the hottest digital careers on the market right now - and there’s a reson why. Businesses are realizing that the future of marketing is on social media, and they need people who understand digital marketing and social media algorithms. Successful social media managers also need to be savvy organizers and can strategize several successful campaigns all at once.This is a fully self-paced online program for freelance social media managers who are starting out, or just want to kick things up a notch. This practical course gives you the skills you need to manage your clients, successfully launch and manage social media campaigns, and methods to ensure you’re getting paid what you deserve.

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2 Live Sessions
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01How To Get Started

In this module, learn how to move into being a freelancer by first getting clear on your big-picture vision for your business and life - so that you can stop feeling like you’re just “doing a job” and start creating the impact you want in your bank account and lifestyle.

Module 1.1: My life

Module 1.2: Your big, hairy audacious goal

Module 1.3: Your mindset

Module 1.4: Basics of incorporating your company

02Finding Clients & Branding Yourself

In this module, learn how brand your business so you can stand out in a crowded space, build credibility & attract premium clients who are looking for you.

Module 2.1: Branding your services & gaining clients through social media (LinkedIn)

Module 2.2: Who to reach out to ?

Module 2.3: How to land the deal & sell yourself well

Module 2.4: How to build your media kit

Module 2.5: Conferences and speaking- what is the game plan

03Crafting A Fire 🔥 Social Media Strategy For Your Client

In this module, learn how to use market research and human psychology to develop a social media marketing strategy for your clients - so that you can support each client with a plan intended to help them reach their goals through social media content.

Module 3.1: The different roles a freelancer can play (from strategist to community manager)

Module 3.2: Understanding the platforms and channels that matter

Module 3.3: How to create content that performs

Module 3.4: Planning and creating content calendars for client success

04Setting Your Client Up For Success

In this module, learn about the other factors that ensure client success like how to know the metrics that matter: how to set, measure and track the KPIs as a freelancer and providing stellar customer support for your client’s audience. Learn how to provide additional value so that your client sees a bigger impact on their bottom line and values your services at a higher rate.

Module 3.5: Understanding marketing vs branding for your client

Module 3.6: Building and managing your community

Module 3.7: Metrics that matter: how to set, measure and track the KPIs as a freelancer

05Charging and Deal Structuring

In this module, learn how to price your services at market rate and how to have your prices increase overtime. More importantly, learn my process for getting paid on time, every time.

Module 4.1: Different kinds of deals and income streams

Module 4.2: Contracts and invoicing

Module 4.3: How to get paid on time every single time

Module 4.4: How much to charge and negotiation tactics (how to be expensive and get 0 clients)

06Managing Clients

In this module, learn the exact client workflows I use to foster relationships that last that keep my Fortune 500 clients happy.

Module 4.5: Managing clients & setting expectations

Module 4.6: How to become more efficient and manage multiple clients simultaneously


On day 10, come together with your classmates, present your client pitch- Shark Tank style do your prospective client and get feedback from your facilitators and classmates!

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Dot Lung

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