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Learn How To Talk About All Kinds Of Taboo Topics On Social Media

In A 4-Hour Live Course

You’ll Have Different Scripts To Produce 3 Videos From Scratch

AND Get Personal Feedback On It

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How To Talk About Sensitive Topics
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Hi, my name is Alyne! At age 28, I decided to start making videos about things that I felt were missing on social media: women’s issues, lesser-known countries, human rights violations, vegetarianism, and much more! Back then, I had never made a single video. Today, I have 3 million followers and nearly half a billion views.That’s how I know that this is the only course you need to get started on your journey to sharing taboo topics on social media. As a content creator that deals with sensitive topics all the time, I will guide you step by step on how to make your videos. By the end of our 4-hour session, you will have all the confidence in the world to go out and kick start your content creation journey. Why struggle for years going back and forth, when you can take one course to learn and apply everything?

Sensitive Topics

What I'll Teach

  • What every script on sensitive topics needs To Be Captivating and Convincing
  • How I Edit To Make My Videos Grab And Hold People’s Attention
  • My Tips For Dealing With Online Hate
  • Publishing Tips When Sharing Your Videos On Taboo Topics

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next course period

Coming Soon...

Learn How To Talk About All Kinds Of Taboo Topics On Social Media

In A 4-Hour Live Course

You’ll Have Different Scripts To Produce 3 Videos From Scratch

AND Get Personal Feedback On It

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Section 1

The Power Of Taboo Topics

To kick off the class, we’ll discuss what makes a sensitive topic taboo and delve into why it’s important to create content on these subjects – even if it’s difficult!

Scripting With Various Techniques And Methods
  • What makes a sensitive topic, taboo?
  • Discussion on how culture impacts taboo topics
  • Why catchy titles in taboo topics are important
  • What impact can we make by creating videos on taboo topics?
Section 2

Scripting An Attractive Message

Scripting is key to creating a video on a sensitive topic. Why? Because not only do we want to hold people’s attention, but we want as many people as possible to be impacted. Words ARE power!

Scripting With Various Techniques And Methods
  • How to write your script using the “Cotton Candy” method
  • What scripts on taboo topics should include to be effective
  • A breakdown of my own script
  • Taboo topics BINGO Game
  • Great video hook examples
Section 3

What Shooting & Editing Looks Like

So you’ve written a great script – but now the real work begins to make it a video people cannot look away from! Time to talk about shooting and editing videos on sensitive topics such as porn or religion.

Shoot Videos On Sensitive Topics
  • How to shoot sensitive topics in creative ways
  • Attention-grabbing editing tips
  • How to get footage that supports your script
  • More creative ways to shoot footage
Section 4

Unconventional Publishing

Once you’ve completed your video, we need to share it with the world (or if you’re shy, we can start with your closest friends)!

Publishing Videos And Growing Your Community
  • Best places to share your videos when getting started
  • Taking risks or playing it safe?
  • How to manage risks
  • Techniques to grow your community
Section 5

Dealing With Haters

There’s a saying that once you get your first hate comment, you should be happy. Why? Because that means we’re reaching people outside our network! Still, online hate can hurt, so here’s how I deal with it.

Dealing With Haters
  • Who leaves hate comments, anyway?
  • How to combat hate with grace
  • Strategies to respond to hate comments
  • Examples of past interactions with haters


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Who Is This For?

If you are...

A Content Creator and Storyteller

You want to learn how talk about sensitive topics effectively and handle the “hate” that may come with it.

An Advocate, Activist, or NGO

You want to get in-depth knowledge on scripting and storytelling techniques, and be introduced to filming and editing.

A Business Owner or Entrepreneur

You want to show your clients and customers what issues you care about.


Your Cause is Important, Why No One Cares?

Learn how to craft the right story around your cause. In order to reach more people and make them understand your mission. We offer private sessions for NGOs that's built around your own specific needs.

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About Me

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Alyne Tamir

Dear Alyne

dear alyne
I’m the founder and creator of “Dear Alyne” – a company with over 3 million amazing followers. I LOVE working with brands that I admire, such as the BBC, United Nations, Disney, BoxyCharm, Forbes, Agoda, etc. And it brings me so much joy to see content creators take my courses and go on to work with brands that they admire too.

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All you need to know

What will I learn in “How To Talk About Sensitive Topics”?

Divorce. Periods. Porn. Homosexuality. Immigrations. Injustices. Social issues! These are all SENSITIVE TOPICS. We know you want to make videos about the things YOU care about. Family issues, saving animals, helping the poor, changing the world! But how?! Enter our newest class ”Sensitive Topics”.

    This class will teach you:

    • How to frame your video ideas so people will WATCH.
    • How to make a post that brings MORE solutions and less hate comments.
    • How to avoid criticism with a tight script.
    • How to Shoot topics that you can’t show onscreen.
    • How to help people CARE about your Sensitive Topic.

    Anyone! Teachers, students, parents, non-profits, creators, curious, CHANGEMAKERS! Do you want to learn how to make videos that make people care about things you care about? This class is for you!

      Just yourself, and a phone or laptop! One of the most important things to know is that you DO NOT need any fancy equipment. Alyne herself started making videos just by filming on her phone or on her webcam. All you need is hope, excitement, and the will to get started!

        This course will prepare you to create and release your first Sensitive Topic videos. We have guest tips from top creators that make Sensitive Topics - politics, poverty, you name it. We will analyse Alyne’s most controversial videos as well as their scripts and you will make your own! W will build skills and CONFIDENCE to GET STARTED. We will provide a checklist that takes you through the entire “Sensitive video” process. You will be connected with your fellow students, all who are motivated to make impactful videos like you!

          YES! Alyne will be teaching this class live AND she hosts a virtual meet-and-greet group session every month.

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