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Become A Digital Nomad And Live Life Location-Free

In An 8-Hour Live Course

With 9 Finance Resources

You’ll Have A Proven Action Plan To Start Making Money Online

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2 Live Sessions

8 hours total

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Let’s Talk Money: For Aspiring Digital Nomads & Creators

When I became a Content Creator, I didn't do it for the money. I wanted to make videos about things I cared about! But over the years, being a Creator has become a serious career. I make more than many engineers, doctors, and lawyers, all while helping others AND fulfilling my creative side. BUT, it wasn't easy. There is no University Degree or guideline on how to do it. Now I want to teach you everything I've learned over the years so that YOU can get started. Financial Freedom is so important. The world is moving towards a Creator Economy, and it's time to get on board.

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Dear Alyne

What I'll Teach

  • How to make money even with zero followers
  • How to negotiate confidently to charge and make MORE!

What's Included

  • Live Access

    Lifetime access to my course

  • Exclusive WhatsApp

    Join an exclusive chat with your dedicated trainer and classmates

  • Resources

    PDF handouts for quick reference

“Why should I take this course?”

So many people think, "I need millions of followers to make a living online!" and this class is here to prove you wrong. You need exactly ZERO followers to make a full-time living as a creator. There are SO many other ways to monetize - and that's what this class is about!But what if I have a small following?Great! The second half of this class is about how to make money WITH a small-to-medium following. And it's ALL about confidence, negotiating, and business skills.I know creators with 25,000 followers who make 10x more than creators I know with HALF A MILLION followers, simply because the smaller creators have BUSINESS SKILLS.Making a living as a Creator is not only about your talent or content. So don't neglect your business skills and leave money on the table.

See you in class!Alyne


Make money as a Digital Nomad!

Yes, you can work AND travel! By the end of this course, you will discover at least three new ways in which you can make an income while seeing the world.

Get your first brand deal!

Reaching out to brands can be scary, but we break down the process. Pitching, negotiating, and closing your deals.

How much do I charge, and how?!

“What if I offend by charging too much? Or undersell my skills? Who do I approach? AM I EVEN GOOD ENOUGH!?” We discuss.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself”

-Warren Buffet

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Become A Digital Nomad And Live Life Location-Free

In An 8-Hour Live Course

With 9 Finance Resources

You’ll Have A Proven Action Plan To Start Making Money Online

Course Schedule

Session 1

How To Make Money With Zero Followers

In this lesson, Alyne will walk you through the key essentials you need to know to get started on making money as a content creator.

How To Make Money With Zero Followers
  • How to start as a digital nomad
  • How to make money out of content creation
  • Diversifying your offering & income stream
  • Real creator examples: How did they do it and how much did they charge?
Session 2

Pitching, Charging, And Negotiating

Who do you think makes more: a creator with 500k followers or one with 30k? The real answer: IT DEPENDS. Following size DOES NOT equal income. Skills and negotiation do!

Pitching, Charging, And Negotiating
  • How to pitch
  • How much do I charge
  • How to negotiate
  • Getting paid & delivering your content



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Who Is This For?

If you are...

Aspiring Creator

You’re looking for a change in your current career

Digital Nomad

You’re looking for ways to make money

Budding Creator

You have a small following and want to turn content creation into a real job

Hardworking Person

You’re ready to work hard to start doing what you are passionate about

About The Creator

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Alyne Tamir

Dear Alyne

dear alyne
Dear Alyne is a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Creator with over 3 million followers and half a billion views! She started making videos about things that she felt were missing on social media: women’s rights, eco-travel, vegetarianism and more!


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All you need to know

What is the Course like?

This course is value-packed and will go over 10 different sections within 8 hours across 2 days. We made sure to add lots of quizzes and contests to keep your energy high! There is a lot of information in this course, but that is why you have life-time access to the recordings: so you can review it anytime you want. Besides the course, you will also receive 9 different handouts to help you in your journey as well as assignments that help you kickstart your goals.

    What will I learn?

    The sections we will go over are:

      1. Getting Started - Where and how do you find a job and how much do you need to save up (with real life examples)?!

        2. Becoming a Remote Worker - What are the best jobs that can be done remotely and how can you make sure you have the right skills to apply?

          3. Becoming a Digital Nomad - We share job examples with real rates and websites

            4. Ways to make money as a creator (with or without following) - REAL examples of famous creators and how they got started

              5. Types of Collaboration - What are the ways in which you can help provide value to a brand?

                6. Pitching - Who is the right person to pitch and how do you pitch them? We show you different email examples and break them down!

                  7. What to charge - There are never fixed numbers for what to charge a client, but we will show you how to find your own best rate

                    8. Negotiating - How do you come to a common ground with your client?

                      9. Closing the deal - Invoices, statements of work and how to deliver a successful result

                        10. Mindset Matters - We dig into the mental blocks that stop you from changing you career to what you truly wish it to be.

                          Is this class LIVE or PRE-RECORDED?

                          This course is live! However you will have lifetime access to the Zoom recordings after the course. Dates to your live sessions can be found within your cohort’s WhatsApp group.

                            Do note that we only have limited seats!

                              What is the Course like?

                              • 8 hours of live teaching with Alyne and your trainer!
                              • There will be assignments

                              What will I learn?

                              How to become a digital no-mad. How to make money as a small creator with no following. Brand Deals. Negotiating. Pitching Yourself To The Brands You Want To Work With. Charting Your Creator Path.

                                This class will teach you:

                                • How to make SMART and INFORMED decisions as you start your creator journey.
                                • How to refine and BUILD your brand as a creator

                                What if I'm having technical problems? Who can I contact?

                                We’re sorry you’re facing some technical issues. Please chat with us by clicking the yellow chat widget on the bottom right hand corner of this browser or email us at

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