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12 Video Lessons (2 hr)

Private whatsapp group

Meetup with Alyne


Content Creation Crash Course

Dear Alyne not only creates videos, but has built a successful brand. And you can too! Learn the A to Z of content creation in just 2 hours. From finding out what is the best platform to creat content to all the steps to creating a video that people WANT to watch.

12 video lessons (2hr 10min) & 2 live sessions

What You Will Learn

How to build up an initial following

How to choose your platform

Bite-sized tips and methods on video making

All the steps to creating a video that people want to watch

What’s included

Lifetime access to course

Exclusive whatsapp community

Live Q&A sessions to get feedback on your work

Meetups with Dear Alyne

100% money back guarantee

12 Video Lessons (2 hr)

Private whatsapp group

Meetup with Alyne


The Secret To Success

How do I build up an initial following? What kind of video content should I produce? How do I brand myself as a creator? Alyne answers these common questions in this section!

3 Building Blocks To Success: CSR
3 Building Blocks To Success: CSR
Play Sample

15 min 40 secs

Things To Think About While Creating
Things To Think About While Creating

14 min 52 secs

Knowing Your Audience & Branding Yourself
Knowing Your Audience & Branding Yourself

14 min 52 secs

How Do I Choose My Platform?

Not sure which platform you should start with? In this section, Alyne touches on the different content creation platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok and the tactics for making videos successful on each of them.

Choosing Your Platform
Choosing Your Platform

2 min 12 secs

Tactics For Facebook
Tactics For Facebook

12 min 39 secs

Tactics For Instagram
Tactics For Instagram

12 min 24 secs

Tactics For YouTube
Tactics For YouTube

4 min 34 secs

Tactics For TikTok
Tactics For TikTok

3 min 13 secs

The Fundamentals Of Video-Making

Video-making can be daunting. In this section, Alyne gives you bite-sized tips and methods (like ABBA) on how to structure, shoot, edit and publish your video.

Anatomy Of A Video
Anatomy Of A Video

18 min 4 secs

Tips For Shooting
Tips For Shooting

6 min 35 secs

Checklists For Editing & Publishing
Checklists For Editing & Publishing

9 min 13 secs

Overcoming Barriers To Starting

Are you’re at the edge, unsure of if you should hit “publish” on your video? In this section, Alyne will take you through all the things that stand in the way of creators and help you find your courage along the way.

Overcoming Barriers Of Starting
Overcoming Barriers Of Starting

15 min 50 secs

Live Sessions

In addition to the course videos, you would also get a cohort-based live learning experience with recordings.

You Will Get:

  • Monthly Meet & Greet With Dear Alyne

  • 1 Live Q&A With A Trainer

  • 1 Live Graduation


Your learning doesn’t end after the course ends. Work on your plans, discuss with your classmates and get real-time feedback from qualified trainers.

What Is In For You:

  • Enroll in an exclusive WhatsApp group with a dedicated trainer

  • Exclusive Facebook group where there are regular contests and activities

  • Members-only special discounts and access to private events

What our Alumni says

Who Is This For?

If you are...

Budding Creator

You wish to share your content and message out there for people to hear them.

Creator exploring different social platforms

You wish to find out which would be the optimal social platforms to showcase or promote your content.

Business Owner

Part of a business that wants to improve their content, reach and impact.

"Create something people want to share."

John Jantsch

About The Creator

alyne logo

Alyne Tamir

Dear Alyne

dear alyne
Dear Alyne is a Creator with over 3 million followers and nearly half a billion views! She works with brands she admires such as the BBC, United Nations, Disney, Forbes, Boxy Charm, Agoda, to name a few. Over 1000 students have taken and loved her courses - launching the careers of new creators on TikTok, Facebook, and more.

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All you need to know

What is the Course like?

The structure is as follows:

  • A pre-recorded class with Alyne that can be replayed anytime anywhere
  • A WhatsApp community with your classmates
  • An assignment that you will be given feedback on
  • A live class with a trainer who will answer more questions you have
  • A graduation class with your classmates and your trainer to celebrate the end of class

*Note: assignment must be submitted by a certain time in order to receive feedback

    Why is Dear Alyne Content Creation Crash Course offered by Nas Academy?

    Nas Academy wants to equip everyone with the ability to create great content through videos. We create creators. Dear Alyne Courses are aligned with this same mission and has built an amazing community of over 3 million people.

      Together, we want to help more people create great content and we believe that this partnership will take our mission forward.

        Is this class LIVE or PRE-RECORDED?

        This course is pre-recorded, however you will have access to live Zoom meetings with Alyne, a live graduation ceremony as well as live Q&A sessions. Dates to your live sessions can be found within your cohort’s WhatsApp group.

          Is this Course for beginners?

          This course is meant for those who are new to content creation – at most intermediate. If you feel like you may be too advanced and are unsure, please ask the team if it’s suitable for you!

            Once I purchase the course, how long can I use it for?

            Forever! Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to all modules.

              Is this masterclass suitable for ME?

              This course is designed for beginners to intermediate levels, people of all ages. All genders. We’ve had students with zero experience get 100,000 views, people from 21 to well over 50, Moms with many kids, videographers, students figuring out their direction, business owners with huge franchises, and even people with hundreds of thousands of followers. Each and every person loved the course.

                Do I need professional equipment in order to join the masterclass?

                No. We’ve had numerous students that put together amazing videos only by using their phone. Alyne also started her Facebook page by posting videos shot on her phone or webcam. You should only invest in advanced tech once you are fully ready!

                  When editing a video however, having a laptop is encouraged.

                    I am less than 18 years old. Can I still take this class?

                    Yes! Because it is a recorded class, you can take this course even if underage, as long as you have an adult’s consent.

                      What should I expect to learn?

                      This is a group of all levels so we will be covering a lot of information, some of it you may know! We will be covering all social media platforms with a focus on Facebook.

                        You will learn about each platform in part as well as the steps to building a video: ideating, scripting, shooting, editing and publishing - all of that!

                          Will I have personal time with Alyne throughout this course?

                          Even though this is a pre-recorded course, you will have time to ask Alyne your questions in the monthly meet & greet sessions! The timings for these will be released in your WhatsApp groups. However, note that she cannot give personal feedback to each individual due to the large volume of students.

                            Will I get a certificate of completion?

                            Yes. You will be given an online certificate of completion once you have completed watching the video series and have submitted your final assignment.

                              What if I miss my live Q&A sessions?

                              Not to worry, you will be given access to the recordings of the 2 live sessions.

                                What if I'm having technical problems? Who can I contact?

                                We’re sorry you’re facing some technical issues. Please chat with us by clicking the yellow chat widget on the bottom right hand corner of this browser or email us at hello@nasacademy.com

                                  You are important to us, and we'll do our best to promptly assist you!

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