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Carlo Ople

Carlo Ople

Digital Entrepreneur and Content Creator

Hi there, Mr or Ms CEO! Carlo here. I’ve been a digital executive, digital entrepreneur, and content creator for over 16 years. If you’re an aspiring content creator in the Philippines (or any market with low CPM), I know exactly how challenging it can be for a content creator to make it big on social media. In fact, when I first started my YouTube channel, I had to learn everything – all on my own. Over the years, and as my channel started getting bigger, something amazing happened – I began to see my channel as a business. With that mindset shift, I started building revenue streams with my channel and was finally able to make a living out of my passion. Now I’m here to tell you that if I could do it, you can too! That’s why I’ve launched my Creator Business School to help you monetize your passion and turn it into a real career. I’m going to show you all the different ways to make money online – including a few many creators don’t know about.I’ll share my experiences as a content creator and as the founder of one of the biggest tech websites in the Philippines. But that’s not all! I’ll help you build your own brand so that, by the time you’re done with this course, you won’t be just another creator. You’ll be the founder of a successful business, so that you can make content creation your career.

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01You as a Business

You, as a creator, are the CEO of a startup. Learn your role as the head of a brand, and why it’s important for your channel’s longevity to become a CEO of your own Creator Business. Day 1 will deal with basic monetization, building a solid personal brand, and thriving as a content creator.

You as a Business

02Building Your Brand

Learn to define your platform so you can have a clear pitch when approaching brands. This opens up more income opportunities for you and your business, and is especially relevant for markets where AdSense and YouTube Ad revenue is lower. You’ll define your brand assets and pricing, and use them to create recognition and opportunities for your channels. This allows you to own the negotiation and build that roadmap to success.

Why Brands Matter

Building a Roadmap

03Revenue is Addition

Let’s face it – AdSense revenue isn’t enough to sustain you as a content creator, especially in low CPM markets. One of the most useful alternative tools you have is affiliate marketing. Learn the different ways you can use affiliate marketing to monetize your platform and create a sustainable career. You’ll learn to tap multiple audiences, close more deals, and start making passive income – TODAY.

The Power of Long-Term Investment

The Power of Persistence

04BI-MONTHLY: Your Creator Network - Q&A
5 Resources

Brand Outreach Email Template

Branding Resources

How to Prepare for a Pitch

Approaching Brands Checklist

Creator Economy Summary

4 Exercises

Your Community Pain Points

Your Roadmap to Success

Your Media Kit

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