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Nusei Yassin

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Hi, I’m Nuseir Yassin from Nas Daily. I’m a Harvard Graduate, ex-software engineer, creator, and now the owner of 2 businesses: a media company and a tech company. Through all the failures, I was still able to build these companies from 0 to 120 people. And there’s two really overlooked things that I learned about being a founder...It’s hard, and it’s lonely.That’s why a community is so powerful, because it helps fix this for entrepreneurs.And I’ve probably read all the books on startups. But nothing has ever taught me as much as I learned from actually figuring out how to build these (completely different) companies.The tools I’m about to give you in this community, through the classes, networking opportunities, and live events, will not only prepare you for success but for the hard times and failures too.So, what’s the goal for everyone who joins? Together with a group of people, you’ll work toward achieving these 3 key milestones as new business owners:1. Hiring you first employees2. Making your first dollar3. Raising your first dollarBuilding a successful company doesn’t just depend on a good idea, or even an incredible idea. There’s so much you don’t know, until you start. That’s why a one-time class doesn’t cut it, you are going to need consistent support and perspective from your peers.That’s why I’m doing this. And that’s why you should join.Think of this as an MBA crash course. But cheaper, faster – and way more relevant!

You Will Learn How To

Find a Successful Idea

What made some of my great ideas fail, and what made others succeed? Find out the difference.

How to Find an Idea

Incorporate a Company

How and where you incorporate a company is equally as important as how you run it.

How to Incorporate a Company

Hire Employees

Everything from how to identify your need, craft a job description, and ensure it’s the right person.

Hire Employees

Fire Employees

Every founder has had to fire a friend, team member, or even a co-founder... and it’s hard.

Fire Employees

Create a Business Plan

Let’s go through some real case studies of how I found my clients, and managed to keep them!

Create a Business Plan

Find Investors

How to decide whether you need investors, how to find them, and how much capital to raise.

Find Investors
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You Will Reach These Goals

  • Hire Your First Employees

  • Make Your First Dollar

  • Raise Your First Dollar

Become a business mentor

For those looking to give back...

Become a business mentor

We're looking for entrepreneurs from all indutries who are ready to take on the role of a mentor. The role of a mentor is simple: Provide guidance and support to a mentee to help them develop professionally. If you have 3 hours a month to spare for a budding business owner, indicate your interest at the link below.

Community Subscription Benefits

Who Am I?

Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin

Nas Daily

I’m Nuseir. I went to Harvard. Graduated. Got a job. Hated it. Started making videos. Loved it. Since then, I've founded two companies (Nas Daily and Nas Academy), made 1,000 one-minute videos in 1,000 days, gained over 45+ million followers on the Internet, and work everyday to empower creators worldwide.

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Become an Entrepreneur And Join A Community

Become an Entrepreneur And Join A Community

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