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Hi, I’m Nuseir Yassin a.k.a Nas Daily. I’m a Harvard Graduate, ex-software engineer, creator and now the owner of 2 businesses: a media company and a tech company.Why learn business from me? Because through all the failures, I was still able to build these companies from 0 to 120 people.I’ve probably read all the books on start-ups you can imagine. But nothing has ever taught me as much as I learned from actually making these two, completely different companies.The tools I’m about to give you will not just prepare you for success, but for the hard times and failures too. Building a company is hard. It’s lonely. And doesn’t just depend on a good idea. There’s so much you don’t know, until you start.That’s why I’m doing this. To let you learn from my own successes, and mistakes, so you can apply them in a PRACTICAL way.Think of this as an MBA crash course. But cheaper, faster – and way more relevant!

What You’ll Learn

How to Find an Idea

What made some of my ideas fail, and what made others succeed? I’ll show you.

How to Find an Idea

Incorporate a Company

How and where you incorporate a company is as important as how you run it.

How to Incorporate a Company

How to Hire

Identify your need and craft a job description to making sure the right person joins you.

How to Hire

How to Fire

Almost every founder I’ve talked to has had to fire a team member, a co-founder, or a friend.

How to Fire

Create a Business Plan

Here, I’ll show you case studies of how I found my clients, and kept them!

Create a Business Plan

How to Find Investors

Decide whether you need investors, how to find them, and how much to raise.

Create NFTs

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About Me

Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin

Nas Daily

I went to Harvard. Graduated. Got a job. Hated it. Started making videos. Loved it. Since then, I've made 1,000 daily one-minute videos, founded two companies (Nas Daily & Nas Academy), gained 40M+ followers, and empowered creators worldwide. And I'm only getting started.

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