Intro To Defi



Brenda Gentry



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Who Is This For

This is a beginner’s guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)


What I'll Teach

  • Want to get educated about how to avoid scams and Rug pulls, you have to know
  • How to go search for good projects
  • If they're looking to get into passive income: farming, nodes

About Me


Brenda Gentry

Hi, I'm Brenda Gentry. I spent almost 20 years in traditional banking before I was introduced by my daughter to revolutionary blockchain technology. I believe that cryptocurrency will break the generational curses of poverty and open up the world to a new decentralized financial market without gatekeepers. I earned the title “CryptoMom” and am the CEO of the DeFi protocol a Sports Prediction platform, I was also vital to the successful launch of several NFT projects such as Bossbeauties, WomenandWeapons, and TheRoyalsNFT.

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