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Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma Saint John

Chief Marketing Officer

I’m Bozoma Saint John, a business executive with a resume worthy of the Harvard University case study that's been written about my career. I'm the former Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix; the Chief Marketing Officer at Endeavor (UFC, Miss Universe, IMG, WME etc), the Chief Brand Officer at Uber, the Head of Global Consumer Marketing at Apple Music & iTunes, and the Head of Music and Entertainment Marketing at PepsiCo – after a decade as a brand manager across the portfolio of beverages at the CPG giant; but it all started as the assitant to Spike Lee at his advertising agency, SpikeDDB 20 years ago.I've learned a lot through hard knocks, but I wish someone would've given me some shortcuts and hacks to make the journey to the top a tad bit easier and more productive. I definitely would have really appreciated it. My goal is to help impart some of these lessons to a new generation of business leaders like you... so you can be even better!

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Living An Urgent Life


Asking For A Pay Rise


Building Allies At Work


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01Am I a Badass?

Are you feeling like the odd one out at work? Do you feel constantly passed over for promotions? Do you feel like you cannot be yourself at the workplace? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to develop more self-awareness at work and how to find your “badass quotient”- i.e. that which makes you unique, and how you can develop it.

My story

Finding your badassness

02Advocating For Yourself at Work

“Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” This African proverb resonates with many in their careers. The truth is that if you don’t learn to tell your story or advocate for yourself, someone else’ story will become and remain the narrative. This module is all about identifying your career goals and learning how you can advocate for yourself to reach those goals.

How to talk about yourself

How to identify your goal

03Building Allies at Work

Let’s face it, you're not going to achieve your goals by yourself. A good recommendation someone put in for you at the executive table can be a career-defining moment for you. In this section, you will learn how to give others the tools to advocate for you, and how to help others to help you enter rooms you can't normally step into.

How to find mentors

How to find allies through your peers

04How to Live That Urgent Life

In this module, we're going to build on the sturdy ecosystem of people ready to be your champions; and now we’re going to teach you the systems and processes you can set in place to make your journey to badassery as intentional and efficient as possible.

What is an urgent life?

Improving your workflow

Setting up a healthy balance and boundaries at work

05Building Your Personal Brand

As someone with over 20 years of marketing under my belt, I know the importance of messaging and positioning. In this section, you’ll learn how to position your new, badass self to the wider world. I’ll teach you how to write your own elevator pitch, and accompany that with very practical examples of how to write your profile on social media.

How do I talk about myself in a non-cringey way?

What makes a good social media description?

06Get That Money, Honey!

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, 'How to negotiate for the raise?' In this section, you'll not only learn key principles behind negotiating your pay raise, but we'll provide you with real case studies and tangible steps for how to craft that email, or have that conversation with your boss.

My Golden 3 Rules

How to craft your message: case studies

07Going From Good to Gamechanging

You can be good at your job, or you can be gamechanging so that you create space, opportunity and hope for others after you. The former will create mobility, while the latter will create a legacy. In this section, I talk about how you can navigate your career without a blueprint but then lay a path to change the game for others who come after you.

How to navigate work without a blueprint

Your purpose in this work

08Bi-Monthly: The Badass Club: A Q&A

Your journey to badassery does not end with this bootcamp. It continues, and we’re with you as questions continue to arise. Signing up for the bootcamp will give you access to bi-monthly talks with other badasses who’ve made incredible moves in their career in tech, finance, media or other industries and have changed the game too.

7 Exercises

Am I a Badass?

Advocating for Yourself

Building Allies at Work

Time Management

Building Your Personal Brand

Get That Money, Honey

How to Be a Gamechanger

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