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Why I’ve Decided to Join Nas Academy

Hear it from the team.

Team Nas Academy

13 Jul ·

Putting Creators At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Alex Dwek, Chief Business Officer

Alex Dwek, Chief Business Officer

“Content is changing the very nature of how consumers connect with brands. Small businesses are reaching millions online through content, and global brands are being built on top of YouTube channels. There is a revolution happening – and its being led by creators.

I believe a platform must exist that can help power this new economy, and that’s what excites me most about Nas Academy. A company that is built for creators by creators, putting creators at the heart of everything we do.

I joined Nas Academy not only because it puts creator first, but also because of its global focus, to provide access to this new economy regardless of your location or background.”

Growing An Entire Company, From The Ground up

Asha, Head of Recruitment

Head of Recruitment at Nas Academy

“Technology is disrupting nearly every industry, at a pace that has never been seen before. I have always been curious about how technology changes lives and have always worked with start-ups or grown in-house teams for them.

I am now growing an entire company, from the ground up with some extremely smart and passionate people. But, the best part? I am making a positive impact in the world, one hire at a time, which is why I am absolutely thrilled to be part of Nas Academy!”

Future Of Education Lies With Individuals, Not Institutions

Timo, Head of Engineering

Timo, Head of Engineering at Nas Academy“Like many, I am a life-long learner and, as such, I truly believe that the future of education lies with individuals, not institutions. For the past 20 years I have been learning like this, be it professionally or privately.

To me there is no doubt that this kind of learning is what sets the schools of tomorrow apart from the ones we have today, and I am extremely excited to be part of this journey.”

Solving Problems For A Modern-Day Creator

Akshay Sharma, VP Global Operations

Akshay Sharma, VP of Operations at Nas Academy

“A mission is a problem you are most passionate about.
From my years of operational experience at Uber and Grab, I learnt that no problem is too challenging if it is deconstructed in the right way and the right set of people are put behind it.

At Nas Academy, I found both; a founder with an unwavering mission and a set of individuals motivated beyond imagination.
We are in the business of solving problems for a modern-day creator, and we are just getting started!”

Building the Operating System For Passionate People

Raghuveer, Product Strategy

Raghuveer, Head of Marketing at Nas Academy

“When I asked my 13 year old cousin what he wanted to become, he said “live-streamer” in a jiffy. I thought he was kidding, but on second thought, I realized that the landscape is changing.

I was at home with the gig-economy because I worked at Uber and Ofo but this new “Creator Economy” space got me very curious. That conversation opened the door for what seems very obvious now as the next big thing.

I joined Nas Academy because I know that people have always wanted to do what they love but here’s an opportunity to be a part of a team that was building the operating system and tools to enable them to make a career out of it.”

1 Foot In The Present, 1 Foot In The Future

Belik, Content Creator

Belik, Head of Trainers at Nas Academy

“During my Guinness World Records endeavors, people I met and interviewed for videos kept telling me to find a real job. That storytelling and video making isn’t a sustainable profession, but deep inside I felt it was.

The speed in which our world is accelerating was the speed I wanted to run at, and that’s exactly what I spotted at Nas Academy back in March 2020…

1 foot in the present, 1 foot in the future.

Heading the trainers in the academy is living proof that content creators are not only vital for empowering others with the knowledge and skills, but also creating a platform. A platform that gives people a place to celebrate their diversity and raise the voices of those who aren’t heard enough. I feel that we are on the cusp of a revolution.”

Making Quality Education Accessible and Scalable

Lin, Head of Curriculum

Lin, Head of Curriculum at Nas Academy

“As a teacher, I always wanted to make great education accessible to those who needed it the most. I pivoted into tech 3 years back after spending 4 years as an educator hoping to find an answer that would allow quality education to be accessible and scalable.

When I first joined Nas Academy, I learnt about the very real impact our courses had on people – like the Lebanese woman who fled Beirut after the blasts and found her second life as a content creator, or the school teacher in Bangkok who used Art Of Storytelling to teach his 12 year-old students how to film their own anti-discrimination stories, or the father who joined our Tik Tok course because he wanted to better connect with his child.

It is incredibly humbling to see that the work I believe in is already happening, even at the early stage we are at, and I can’t wait to scale that further.”

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