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What Is CreatorTech?

And why it matters to creators worldwide...

Team Nas Academy

01 Sep · 4 mins read

Being a creator is the best job in the world. That’s why we believe the future of online content creation should be built on “CreatorTech” – technology products for creators.

The content that creators bring to their audience is entirely irreplaceable because only they can do what they do, in the way that they do it. It celebrates the idea that those in the creator economy have leverage: unique individuality. It’s the future of work.

But creators have to rely on platforms that were originally developed with neither creators nor the creator economy in mind. At the same time, it’s these platforms that have helped millions of creators reach global audiences and build a brand – providing the tools for the evolution of the gig economy into the passion economy.

And although the opportunities to get into online entrepreneurship are plenty, it’s no secret that it usually takes years to profit off passion. Bridging the gap, between doing what you love and monetizing at scale, is precisely where “CreatorTech” comes in.

Creator-First Technology Products

Creator technology, what we’re calling “CreatorTech” at Nas Academy, captures the spirit of a creator-first outlook when building technology products from the ground up. Simply put, it’s tech that helps creators live on the internet and ensures that they succeed.

We have high hopes and strong indicators that CreatorTech solutions will elevate the entire industry and bring even more aspiring creators to the creator economy. And it’s exciting to see support for a creator-led future not only from investors but also influential industry leaders.


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CreatorTech, as we envision it, recognizes and respects the value of:


1. Creator Brand

Creators spend immeasurable amounts of time, resources, and energy just to position themselves within their niche. Regardless of the platforms they used to do so, the popularity of creators is ultimately because of their success in establishing and leveraging their brand.

CreatorTech takeaway #1: The commercial value of creator brands must be upheld and always placed at the center of designing technology tools.

2. Creator Control

The ability to build a financially successful business, based on your brand as a creator, hinges on your ability to directly reach your audiences – without relying on a middleman. Platforms generally control all the information about their users, i.e. the audience you’re engaging with, which makes it necessary for creators to find alternative workarounds to extract any data.

CreatorTech takeaway #2: Creators must have the option to independently access information about the users who interact with their brand.

3. Creator Distribution

Without compelling and entertaining content, there’d be no reason for users to stick around or come back to any of the mainstream platforms. Platforms determine what content which users will see and creators are at the mercy of algorithms, even though their work continuously benefits the growth and revenue of the platform.

CreatorTech takeaway #3: Creators must be acknowledged for the work they put into content creation, not just rely on the whim of an algorithm, and be rewarded appropriately.

4. Creator Skills

Not all creators in the same industry have the same niche or interests, but creators usually have to cast as wide of a net as possible. Platforms severely limit the feasibility to cater for a smaller group of individuals. And if creators were to go outside the platform, they would have to invest time and money in multiple different software services. This restricts creators in doing what they do best.

CreatorTech takeaway #4: Creators must be able to connect with a micro niche and produce content they feel creatively inspired by.

5. Creator Well-Being

Creator burnout is real. Turning your passion into an extra revenue stream can kill all the joy that you once found in the creative process. This happens when creators are faced with the unrealistic pressure to keep up and stay relevant. Producing content is difficult in itself, but it becomes a painstaking task to try to replicate viral content again and again.

CreatorTech takeaway #5: Creators are humans and algorithms are not. Technology solutions for creators must prioritize their mental health above metrics.

6. Creator Economy

Being a creator and profiting off it is something people have done for decades, long before any of the internet-based applications. But opportunities were limited, and only a select few at the very top were able to make it. Even the invention of the internet didn’t immediately democratize the creator revolution.

As it stands now, the reality is that only those who are in an already privileged position can take a chance on the creator economy. You could quit your job and hustle 24/7 to get more followers, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to make a living. In other words, likes and views don’t pay your rent.

CreatorTech takeaway #6: Content creation has to be a sustainable venture to attract more talent into the creator economy.


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Around 97% of YouTube accounts fail to generate above the US poverty line ($12,140 per year), and only 3% of accounts (averaging 1.4 million views per video) generate more than $16,000 annually.

But, in recent years, tech companies have started taking positive strides to adapt to the creator economy – in an attempt to keep creators on their platforms.

TikTok launched a Creator Fund to pay for popular content, Snapchat launched a similar program called Spotlight, Pinterest launched a Creator Fund for underrepresented creators, and Facebook recently announced that it would pay out more than a billion dollars to creators by 2022.

And other pioneering platforms like Twitch, Substack, and Nifty Gateway have heavily rewarded their biggest creators.

The CreatorTech revolution will empower all kinds of creators, plus it will introduce a sustainable economy for the tens of millions of creators around the world.

In a future where the creator economy is powered by CreatorTech, people win big.

Our mission at Nas Academy is to take us there.


5 years ago, the world had 5 million social media creators. Today, that number is over 50 million.

Welcome to the Creator Revolution. Now, for the first time ever, you can actually get a job doing what you love.

You can be a social media manager, a digital marketer on TikTok, or a community manager on Discord. Not only are these the world’s newest jobs, they are guaranteed to be in-demand in future. And they are way more fun than your average 9 to 5, and pay even better! But there hasn’t been one single place to learn all these skills. Until now.

This is the Creator Accelerator Program. We designed this program to help you skyrocket your career as a creator. From learning how to grow on social media platforms, to building a network and accessing job opportunities with the world’s top brands – this immersive program will transform your career in just 5 months. Join our live course today and you’ll learn directly from the team behind the global success of Nas Daily.


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Join the creator economy today

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