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Supercar Blondie’s Net Worth: Her Speedy Trip To 8-Figure Growth

How Supercar Blondie took the highway to fortune

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24 Aug · 5 mins read

You may have heard the name “Supercar Blondie” or “that girl with the cars” come up in the creator space. But if you haven’t heard of Alex Hirschi, she’s a car-obsessed content creator who’s dominating in the automotive industry. And in less than five years, this Aussie expat has driven her net worth up to eight figures, becoming the world’s biggest female car influencer with over 64 million followers. Supercar Blondie’s net worth is estimated to be $17 million.

Supercar Blondie Net Worth: $17 MILLION


supercar blondie

She has interviewed big-name Hollywood celebrities such as John Travolta about their love of cars, but it was thanks to social media and her new gig in the creator economy that she landed on the legendary British TV show “Top Gear.” It was her own love of cars combined with her down-to-earth vibe that made her stand out on the social scene, and soon catapulted her into global fame once she started posting to social media full time.

Who Is Supercar Blondie?

Alex Hirschi, better known as Supercar Blondie, is a 35-year-old Australian video creator based in Dubai. She’s known for posting videos of herself as she reviews and test-drives some of the rarest, most expensive cars across the world.

Growing up in Queensland, Australia, Alex always had a passion for cars. She would go on long road trips with her family and had always been in love with the aesthetics of vehicles (despite never really understanding them on a mechanical level).

For her, it was all about the “wow factor.”

Her fascination began at the age of 15, when she took a trip to the US and saw a flashy LA-style limo on the streets. Ever since, it was her goal to have a fancy car of her own one day.

Today, she has two supercars – with a Rolls-Royce, a McLaren, and a Tesla Cybertruck on order.

supercar blondie

In 2008, she made the move from Australia to the UAE to work at a radio station in Dubai. She started out as “Radio Blondie,” where she worked as a newsreader and presenter for Dubai Eye 103.8.

Now, she’s working for herself (together with her husband, Nik Hirschi) as a content creator and car influencer, discovering and test-driving new supercars every day. She even created a show “Car Crews with Supercar Blondie” in 2019 with Amazon Prime.

Over the years, her following has amassed to 6.6 million on YouTube, over 9 million on Instagram, and 41 million on Facebook.

Supercar Blondie’s Road To Fame

After having her own radio show for five years, Supercar Blondie was approached by Bentley Motors and they offered to give her one of their cars to test out for the weekend. That’s when she decided to start her Instagram page, back in 2015.

She thought that if she could get Bentley to approach her for test drives, why not see if other brands would too?

So, she started approaching other luxury car manufacturers and documenting her experiences with each one, sharing it with only 300 followers. As she continued to regularly post videos, she slowly started to build up more of a following.

It was after 18 months of creating videos on social media that Alex reached 50,000 followers. At that point, she decided to take a chance and quit her job to pursue her own brand full time.

Little did she know, it would lead to her making more money within a month than she ever did in her 10-year radio career.

Since then, she has continued to work with the biggest and most expensive car companies around the globe.

How Did Supercar Blondie Become Famous?

Alex’s journey to success definitely wasn’t a short one. It took a lot of evenings, weekends, and hard work to pull it off.

Before making the switch to full-time content creation, she had already built up a pretty good network and known expertise in the car niche – which ultimately led to Bentley’s offer. From then on, she took the initiative to approach other big car brands to see if they would be interested in doing the same. And it worked out.

Targeting an existing niche of supercar lovers, Alex saw an opportunity to add a different perspective to the mix. She came at it from the angle of a female, supercar enthusiast who was more focused on aesthetics, rather than hearing it from a male, car expert who would be more focused on the mechanics.

This approach helped her stand out and even attract a whole new audience of people with the same type of interest when it came to supercars.

She describes herself as a “car entertainer” instead of a specialist. She enters each car and makes each video with a beginner’s mind, or as she calls it: the “girl next door” approach.

supercar blondie

Her best performing video in the early days was one that had no talking in it. It was a simple video of her in a fancy car, driving away into the sand dunes of Dubai. She wasn’t sure why it did so well, so she tried to figure it out.

“[I]t did so well and it was because it was just so raw. For social media, people don’t want to see highly stylised cinematic footage – they want to feel like you’ve just picked up your phone and shot something and they’re there with you.” – Alex Hirschi, GQ Magazine

She identified what her audience was looking for and what social media was all about: authentic connections.

She’s also not afraid to take risks, as she continuously expands onto other platforms like TikTok. And she usually focuses on content production, which is something a lot of content creators often forget to do, especially when brand deals start rolling in.

Instead, Alex works hard to get herself to a place where she can pick and choose which brands she wants to work with. This gives her more control over her brand, and who she wants to be associated with.

Alex is now looking to expand further into TV and is also well on her way to building her own ‘hypercar.’

By staying passionate, being personable, and making connections with others, Supercar Blondie has driven her brand to where it is today. What has seemed to work most in her favor is how she has found a unique way to stand out in a typically male-dominated industry.

How Much Does Supercar Blondie Really Make?

In 2020, Alex Hirschi was estimated to have a net worth of $15 million, but that number has now grown to $17 million. According to an analysis by SocialBlade, she racks up a daily average of around 460,000 views on YouTube and has accumulated over 570 million total views on her channel. So, from YouTube alone, her estimated annual revenue varies anywhere between $52,000 to $851,000.

When it comes to total annual income, she apparently makes around $1.4 to $2 million from all of her accumulated income sources (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).

On Instagram, it has been estimated that she could be making $30,000 to $60,000 per paid post. An article in Bloomberg states that automotive influencers can charge up to $10,000 for every 1 million followers they have – and even more if they have a really good engagement rate.

5% is already enough to be considered a good engagement rate, and Supercar Blondie is at 8.52%.

One Of The First Women In The Industry

Statistics show that women only represent about 20% of the automotive workforce in many countries, but Alex is inspiring a change in both the industry and the social media landscape. She has been paving the way for more and more women to feel empowered to step into these jobs, although it hasn’t come without its challenges.

Alex reportedly told Metro that there was significant pushback when she started attending conferences and openly associating with the industry on social media.

“It’s been a struggle, definitely. When I first started, really, I was the only woman at most car events and there would be a lot of wrong looks or chatter when I entered the room, like ‘what is she doing here? She’s a woman, she’s not a car expert, she doesn’t belong here.’”

But she even received this kind of hate when she was working in radio, and then it just took off once she started pursuing Supercar Blondie full time. It got to the point where it landed her in therapy, something she candidly talks about, because she was being accused of “sleeping her way to the top” or even getting hate messages from people who would tell her to kill herself.

Yet, she recognizes and accepts that there will always be the minority on social media who want to see her crash and burn. To help her better cope with all of this, apart from therapy, she has received consistent support from her husband (who helped build the Supercar Blondie brand from the ground up) and her family.

This positive outlook, when faced with obstacles or social media trolls, is what helped lead her to success. Alex was never out to be seen as the normal type of expert, as she knew from the start that she wanted to be exactly who she is: “a woman talking about cars in a way that others weren’t.”

Supercar Blondie’s Income From Online Courses

Earning an estimated $1.5 million a year, not even the best analyst can truly capture the value of the Supercar Blondie brand. 

Alex Hirschi is classified as one of the best-paid content creators in the world because only she can deliver her message in the way that she does. Racking up millions of followers in a relatively short period of time is proof that people are more than eager to learn directly from influencers. 

Supercar Blondie hasn’t created any courses to date, but she has the potential to significantly grow her net worth and annual income by launching her own educational courses – whether it be on social media, entrepreneurship, video production, or even presenting. In fact, if Alex were to launch an Academy of her own, she could host multiple courses that teach about all these topics – bringing in more money but also drawing in new audiences to all of her social channels.

This is what we do best at Nas Academy – help creators build their own Academies and become the world’s best teachers. And in our view, Supercar Blondie has first-hand experience and know-how that thousands of people around the world would want to tap into. It’s undeniable that a Supercar Blondie Academy would be a world-class learning experience, particularly if it looked like the cohort-based courses that we’ve created for other creators on Nas Academy’s platform.

At the end of the day, everybody has a hobby or an interest. And, like Supercar Blondie has demonstrated, everybody can now monetize their passions through the creator economy. Even those who might not have thought about content creation as a legitimate income opportunity or possibility. But as a group of expert content creators ourselves, the entire team at Nas Academy is here to support and empower as many creators as we can through a new model of education. Remember, the world needs to hear what you have to say, in only the way that you can say it. 

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