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It’s high time that we revoke the term “starving artists”

Nicolae Pop

18 May · 5 mins read

Throughout history, we celebrated the most outstanding painters, poets, authors, and musicians of their time. We see their creations curated in museums, published in hardbound books, or printed in sheet music. But don’t you find it a bit concerning that we can only name a handful of them?

Artists of yesterday: starving, yet persisting

Imagine living back in the day when people thought you were foolish for even thinking of pursuing your passion. That’s because your passions were considered as mere hobbies. And if you even had an ounce of courage to try and make a living out of it, you would – with lack of a better word, starve. And I think that’s how the term “starving artists” originated.

Think about it. They did not have the comforts of technology, of the internet, and they didn’t have the means to share their work with the world. Being an artist back then involved so much energy that our creators of today can’t even begin to comprehend.

Today: struggling, not starving

Of course, that doesn’t mean we have everything handed out to us on a silver platter. The challenges that our creators of today face are vastly different from what our ancestors were used to.

The competition will always be fierce, the struggle to come up with new content will always be present, the keyboard warriors will always be there to judge you, and the support that you hope to get from your family might not always be there.

At the end of the day, pursuing your passion instead of following someone else’s dream will always be worth it. Difficulties will follow no matter what career path you choose.

And even though history may have lost a lot of potential artists, this is far from what the present has in store for us. Nowadays, anybody who has the passion, commitment, and determination can make a living out of being a creator. Some even managed to consistently stay on top of their game and made their way to the top of the millionaires’ list.

For those who aspire to succeed, here are some handy tips:
1. Technology is your best friend. Take advantage of the vast tools and learning resources available.
2. Find your niche. You may be inclined to try out everything, but it’s crucial to focus on one theme to ensure that your branding is clear and to better attract your target audience.
3. Choose the right social media platform. Instead of joining all, use your time and energy to concentrate on a few platforms to build a strong presence and get the best results.
4. Keep an eye out on trends, or better yet, start it. Getting ahead of the game will be difficult, but it only takes one great idea for you to go viral.
5. No matter the difficulties, always keep moving forward. The life of a creator can be a long and treacherous journey, which is why your passion must remain as your main motivation.

With that in mind, isn’t it high time that we take back the term “starving artists”? Our creators of today may be struggling, but gone are the days when we find ourselves starving.

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