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Police Officers Produce 25 Videos in 5 Days to Prevent Online Scams

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30 Sep · 3 mins read

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, with a reported 94% of residents feeling safe when walking alone at night. This is an outstanding national accomplishment and it’s all because of the work done by officers in the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Community police officers are essential to crime prevention and deterrence, as they continuously keep the community updated on the latest crime trends. An active approach towards building trust and involving the community in combating crime is one of the key components to the SPF’s policing strategy.

In recent years, the SPF has seen a concerning rise in the number of victims who are falling prey to various kinds of online scams.

Top 10 Scams Singapore

We suggested a workshop with the following in mind:

  • Through public engagement efforts, the SPF continuously aims to cultivate vigilance amongst individuals so that they are able to develop a sense of responsibility over their own safety.
  • Technology has been a primary enabler for the operational outcomes of Community Engagement. Community policing models have had to change over the decades to adapt to an ever-changing security environment, including the landscape of social media.
  • To keep pace with technology and ensure officers are well-prepared to carry out their duties effectively, training has been the bedrock of the SPF’s timely response to security threats.

Community Officers Learn How to Create Educational Videos

25 participants from the Singapore Police Force enrolled in Nas Academy’s 5-day “Create Your First Video” course, where we focused on teaching the following core skills:

  1. Mastering the Art of Storytelling. How to turn factual information into a compelling narrative.
  2. Video Scriptwriting. How to use the 5 Building Blocks to develop appropriate dialogue for the medium.
  3. Shooting Video Footage. How to plan and shoot high-quality videos quickly and effectively. (No camera equipment required.)
  4. Video Editing for Beginners. How to edit raw footage using software for visual and audio effects. (Free software trial available.)

These are some of the key ingredients from the Nas Daily Method for publishing successful videos on the internet.

The content topic was customized (“Scams”) to ensure:

  • Participants relate and engage with the materials.
  • Organizations get relevant and readily available organic content to publish online.

Ultimately, the content creation skills are transferable to any number of topics.

By the end of the course, we saw strong results from all 25 participants.

The community officers had successfully executed on each step of the end-to-end creation process and created their very first video to demonstrate their new video making and content creation skills.

Having equipped officers with the training they need to create and publish engaging video content on social media, the SPF will be able to reach more residents and create awareness faster than ever before – especially for topics, such as scams, that would otherwise be considered boring to the general public.

These outcomes align with the SPF’s commitment to becoming a modern Force for the Nation and making Singapore the safest place in the world. Remaining relevant and effective in today’s digital world is central to this mission.


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