On 11th of every month, we gift a class to someone who cannot afford education for every class that you signup for.

Our official Giving Day is here!

Announcing Giving Day!

Team Nas Academy

10 May · 3 mins read

On the 11th of each Month, for every student that signups for class, we shall give away the same class to an underprivileged student

The world has never needed more positivity than today and we believe that two amazing ways to bring more joy to the world are by giving and by creating. Giving Day is all about that!
With more creators learning how to create their own stories, we not only educate an individual but empower another voice in the new world. At Nas Academy, we care about the growth of every creator and know that many of them have strong and inspiring stories to share. Upon graduation, we provide our alumni members access to an exclusive community where they will continue to receive mentorship on their creations, where they can bounce off ideas with one another, where they can find friends to count on.
The possibilities of the internet are limitless and we want to do our bit to make it more accessible to the entire world. We believe that education is the one thing that keeps growing when you give it away. Now, it’s your turn to make a difference.


On Giving Day, which takes place on the 11th of every month, you can buy any class of your choice and we will gift the same class to someone who wants to learn but cannot afford to.

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