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Live More Sustainably With Sustentófila Academy

Team Nas Academy

22 Oct · 3 mins read

Everything you do in your day-to-day life has an impact on the planet – from the food you eat, to the car you drive. And sometimes, we aren’t aware of how big the simplest changes in our lifestyles can be to make a difference, and help us live more sustainably. 

When it comes to leading a more sustainable lifestyle, it all begins with simply using less – this could mean reducing the amount of energy you use in your house, using eco-friendly products, or changing your diet so you eat less meat. In a nutshell, leading a sustainable life means trying to have as little of an impact on the Earth as possible, while doing your best to replace the resources you do use.  

But in today’s world, we are overproducing resources, using energy, and creating waste at an alarming, unsustainable rate. This leads to pollution and climate change, which causes harm to wildlife, humans and the planet at large. 

So…what can we do about it? 

Well, there are many small changes and steps we can take as individuals to help reduce our carbon footprint, and encourage positive change in our communities – and Lorena Pérez, an advocate for green living, is here to show you.

lorena with plastic waste to raise awareness about recycling

Become More Eco-Friendly With Your Daily Choices

For Lorena, going green and becoming a vegan was a change she made after years of making unsustainable choices, and eating meat. She had no idea how much the clothes she wore, the food she ate, and even the coffee cup she drank from were hurting her, and the planet. 

When she finally realized she wasn’t happy with her lifestyle, she set out on a mission to change her ways. After years of learning and discovering ways to live more sustainably, she is now on a path to share her story with the world. She wants to teach people about simple changes they can make, to live with less impact, and help protect the planet.

With almost 60K followers on social media, La Sustentófila – Lorena’s Instagram page – dishes out information on how we can all make choices to reduce the burden on an already overburdened planet.

After traveling the world and educating herself on climate change and sustainable living, Lorena is now ready to launch her own academy and online course, Going Green With Sustentófila!

Now, you can learn Lorena’s practical tips for coming up with a sustainable action plan that you can follow in your daily life. This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of going green, lowering your environmental impact, and tackling the climate crisis as a consumer. 

Lorena will teach you the first step to living sustainably, and show you how consumerism and simple food choices are affecting the planet. You will also learn the importance of a zero-waste lifestyle, along with Lorena’s 5 R’s for reducing waste – and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to building a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustentófila Academy

Lorena Course CardThe Going Green With Sustentófila course will not only teach you practical tips on how your individual actions can change the planet, but it will also give you the opportunity to learn in a community-based environment with other students, environmentalists, and creators just like you. 

You will get personalized feedback from Lorena herself, and you will get the chance to form your own community and network throughout the course. 

Be sure to check out Going Green With Sustentófila, and learn how you can do your part in mitigating the climate crisis today.

Lorena Course Card

Change your environmental habits

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