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Learn to Master Axie Infinity with Kookoo Crypto

Learn How to Play Axie Infinity

Team Nas Academy

25 Jan · 3 mins read

Video games have gotten more popular in recent years, and crypto has just recently exploded around the world. These two things might seem like an unlikely combination – but it was just a matter of time before they came together to create a whole new level of gaming: crypto gaming. 

Crypto gaming is a new form of gaming where you earn NFTs, rather than points or money. Similar to other online games of the past, crypto gaming is a more relaxed, fun way to trade and invest in NFTs. If you don’t get the hype behind NFTs, then crypto gaming might just convince you! 

Kookoo Axie with Infinity Axie Game Background

One of the most popular crypto games is Axie Infinity. A Pokemon-esque game where you deal in Axies – adorable cartoon versions of the axolotl salamander (yeah… Axie is easier to say). 

Axies are very much like Pokemon, except your Axies battle in teams of three against other teams. Another difference is that your Axies that you win, trade, and breed are also NFTs, which add a whole new level of stakes to the game. 

Of course, it is still dealing in investments and finance, so some know-how is important if you don’t want to trade at a loss. You still need a crypto wallet, you need to understand the currency and lingo, on top of all the usual strategies and tricks that comes with playing games. 

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Get your gamer mode on because KooKoo Crypto’s Axie Infinity course is here! 

Kookoo Axie Infinity Game

As you can imagine, strategy and knowing how the game works are important if you don’t want to lose all your money – and that’s where KooKoo Crypto comes in. This gaming expert was once a new player, and struggled to find information on how to play the game without trading his Axies at a loss. After a while, Kookoo Crypto finally gathered all the information he needed – but he knew that it shouldn’t have been that hard. 

This is why he decided to create his Axie Infinity course. He’s going to share all the information, strategy, crypto tips, and setup he had to learn the hard way, so you don’t have to spend months looking for it. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started, from walking through the set-up of your account and wallet, to choosing your first Axies, trading, and, of course, some killer gameplay strategies. 

Axie Infinity also has some cool options for people who don’t want to play, but still want to get involved. You can choose to be a mentor, and help others on their journey while still earning a commission. Axie Infinity for Beginners covers these roles as well, so no one is left behind. Who knows – you might go in thinking you want to be an expert trainer, but find that mentoring others is more rewarding for you, or vice versa. The possibilities are endless!

Kookoo Axie Course CardCrypto wouldn’t be what it is without its communities – and that’s the best part of this Academy. Joining this class means joining a community of Axie Infinity players, crypto gamers, and NFT enthusiasts who will support you on your journey, trade Axies with you, and share their strategies too. 

You don’t need to already be an Axie Infinity player to take this class. If you have an account, that’s great! But you can also take this class as practical or purely informational to get you started on your journey.

Ready to play? Sign up now for Kookoo Crypto Academy.

Kookoo Axie Course Card

Learn How to Play NFT game

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