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Learn How To Master NFTs in 7 Days

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16 Dec · 3 mins read

You’ve probably heard the term NFT floating around a lot more recently, and you might not fully understand what it is – except for the fact that it has to do with potentially making (and losing) a lot of money.

The world of blockchain has been growing drastically over the past couple of years – in fact, the global market of blockchain is expected to rise to $23.3 million.

Master NFTs

The rise of NFT’s or “non-fungible” tokens in particular has been especially huge over the past year. It only took the first 6 months of 2021 alone for overall NFT sales to grow past $2.4 billion.  But what are these “non-fungible tokens”? 

First of all: Non-fungible means “unique”. For example, the original Starry Night painting by Van Gogh is one of a kind, and is therefore non-fungible. 

NFTs are unique, digital images that you can buy with cryptocurrency, and where you are an exclusive owner of the asset. And that’s only the beginning. 

Many would say that if there’s a time to get into the world of crypto and particularly, NFT’s – it would be now. But while it’s an exciting realm to get involved with, it’s also a dangerous one. But maybe you’re someone with no experience in this domain, or time to really invest into making sure you’re doing NFTs the right way – yet you still want to get involved in investing or creating them. 

That’s why crypto-expert, Ben Yu, is joining the academy to teach you how to get started. 

The Rise of NFT’s

Ben Yu is an entrepreneur, crypto-expert and former Harvard student who has been spending the last few years diving deep into the world of crypto, and now – NFTs. He became so interested in the industry, that he left behind his job to live in a van, and take on the ever-growing world of cryptocurrency as his new full-time career.

Master NFTs

But Ben didn’t have instant success. In fact, he actually lost a lot of money in the beginning. The first time he invested $5000 into Bitcoin – it dropped almost immediately to just $500. He nearly lost it all.

But Ben kept with it. He dedicated countless hours of research to this beast of cryptocurrency, and tried and and tried again with his investments. Then, after an investment of just under $10,000 – he earned over $400,000. A win that even landed him a 1-minute video on Nas Daily’s channel back in 2018.

And within just a few years of investing in crypto, Ben actually became a millionaire.

Wth over $7 million invested in cryptocurrency, Ben has now jumped headfirst into the world of NFTs. He’s invested over $1 million into these unique, digital images to date – and now he’s here to teach you what he’s learned, and how you can get started with NFTs too.

Master The World of NFT’s With Ben Yu Academy

Master NFTs

Ben is launching his very own academy where he’s going to teach you how to Master NFT’s in 7 days. He’s going to walk you through what NFT’s are, why they are valuable, how to mint them, sell them – and all the essential things you need to know to do NFTs safely, and successfully. 

Ben is going to walk you through step by step with screen-shares on how to actually purchase your first NFT, sell it, and how to do it the right way. And when you sign up, you aren’t just going to get video lessons. You are going to get the chance to meet Ben, and join a lifelong community of future investors like you that you can turn to, connect with, and get support from as the industry shifts and changes.

Whether you want to start investing in NFTs, create them, or you are a complete beginner to NFTs – this comprehensive, interactive course is going to walk you through all the steps you need to get started. From navigating sites, using browser extensions, joining discord communities to understanding all the jargon around this space, this is your shot to learn the essential tools from an expert, who’s tried and tested techniques have earned him millions.

By the end, you’ll be on your way to making smart investments in this exciting future. 

Are you ready to tackle the world of NFT’s? Get started today at Ben Yu Academy. 

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Master NFTs in 7 Days

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