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Learn How to Master Bitcoin in 5 Days

If you don’t understand crypto economics, you understand nothing.

Team Nas Academy

19 May · 3 mins read

If you really want to understand crypto and Web3 – you have to understand the foundations and the economics of the tokens. And that starts with understanding where blockchain technology and cryptocurrency started: The Bitcoin Blockchain.

And today, you can join Rockwell Shah’s brand new masterclass that’s going to teach you a whole new perspective on this industry: How to Master Bitcoin in 5 Days

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From Tech Agent to Internet Teacher

After getting an economics degree from Cornell, Rockwell worked for 10 years as a lowly tech agent in a medical company and climbed his way up the corporate ladder until he became the president of the firm. 

It was here that he first started noticing the problems within the systems we’ve built as a community, and especially – in the US.

So many people with lifestyle-solvable health issues were turning to pills with side effects. So when I left, I built a suite of digital wellness apps to support people in a way I knew the system couldn’t – through lifestyle.

Then suddenly: he saw the ultimate opportunity to empower even more people in even more ways than health – and it happened to be through blockchain technology. 

Since diving into the world of Web3, Rockwell has built a company called Startup Guild, and raised nearly $2 million to create a new startup in the industry: Invisible College. 

Invisible College is an online university that teaches students the skills of the future in Web3. Rockwell is one of the most educated in the space, has a logical and unprecedented view of blockchain technology and the Bitcoin economy – and now he wants to share it all with you.

Master Bitcoin in 5 Days with Rockwell

Rockwell thinks that everybody should learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. He believes it’s going to be the way we fix these broken systems, and help people build better futures for themselves.

So in his class, he’s going to cover everything from: 

  • Where crypto even came from
  • What the heck blockchain is
  • How to start investing safer and smarter (buying, holding, selling etc.)
  • And what Bitcoin and blockchain tech means for you.

You’re also going to be doing it all with classmates LIVE on Zoom, along with the help of instructors and Rockwell himself. You’re going to get assignments to do, and learn how to dive into this space no matter your experience level – and start your crypto journey off right.

Learn more about the class today, and grab your seat before it’s gone!

See you in class. 

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Master Bitcoin

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