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Learn How to Launch an NFT Project with ZenAcademy

Find the projects that will stand the test of time

Team Nas Academy

04 Mar · 5 mins read

With NFT collections popping up left right and center, how do you know which ones are going to keep their value, and which ones will die out? 

It’s true that a lot of NFT projects you see out there are going to drop to $0 one day. So how can your collection be the one that stands the test of time? 

First: you have to know how to spot what works as an NFT, and what’s better left as is. You have to know how to analyze collections, and how to spot red flags. 

And ZenAcademy is going to show you how.


Learn About NFT Collections with Zeneca

Zeneca, more commonly known in the NFT community as Zeneca_33, has been in the NFT space since the beginning of 2021 as the craze was just starting to build.

Although, this wasn’t Zenecas first time being involved in crypto and blockchain. He first dove into trading cryptocurrencies back in 2016 and 2017 – but ended up losing money. So, he left it behind and didn’t turn back.

That was until he started noticing the industry growing again at the beginning of 2021. He decided to check out what was going on, and that’s when he discovered NFT projects – and at first, like most, he believed it was a scam. 

But as he began researching and following the use cases of so many people who were creating and investing in NFTs, he realized it was going to be big. Now, he’s a top expert in launching NFT projects, analyzing collections, making smart investments, and has founded and advised many projects within the NFT space.

Zeneca has been adamantly analyzing NFT collections, following trends, and has built strategies to pinpoint which collections are bound to fail, and which are setting themselves up for success. 

Now, he’s here to teach you how to spot those trends too so that whether your an investor or a creator – your NFT has a better chance at coming out on top. 

Launch Your NFT Collection with ZenAcademy

ZenAcademy has just launched his 7 day class: How to Launch an NFT Project. Over the course of this class, he is going to walk you through step-by-step:

  • How to identify which NFT collections are worth it
  • How to analyze data around NFTs to make educated decisions
  • How to launch your own collection for success
  • How to build a team to make your project
  • How to market your NFT project

And more! You’re going to get all the strategies you need to understand which investments are worth it, and which you should leave behind as you begin your NFT journey.

You’ll also get exclusive access to Zenecas Discord server to get word of the latest drops and newest updates in the NFT world!

zenacademy course cardThis class is a mix of live sessions with trainers, video lessons by Zeneca, assignments, and a LIVE Q&A at the end with Zeneca himself where you can ask all of your questions. This is your chance to begin your NFT journey with an expert, and join in on a live class experience where you can build your community and network with people from around the world. 

Learn more, and sign up for your spot at ZenAcademy today. See you in class!

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Start Launching NFT Projects

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