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Learn How to Take the Perfect Picture With Jordan Matter Academy

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23 Sep · 3 mins read

A ballerina dances in a fountain with a dazzling white bird, her pink dress flaring as the sparkling water cascades around her. 

A sportsman kicks a soccer ball at four superheroes while Times Square surges around them in bright neon lights. 

An actress smiles at the camera – and while the picture is so ordinary, you can’t help but feel as though simply looking into her eyes has given you a rare glimpse into her soul.

Jordan Matter is one of the leading experts in his craft: photography. And while it feels as though anyone could be a photographer in this age of phone cameras and accessible technology, looking through Jordan’s portfolio highlights the difference between art and function. 

dancer posing next to a shop

Capturing a Single Moment

Jordan Matter’s photography has captured the imagination of people from all walks of life. His unique depictions of his native New York, shine a new light on the vibrant city and its fascinating people. His headshots and portraits have been praised all over the world for their unparalleled ability to depict the true essence of their subjects.

His composition and framing creates stories, where he connects people across time and space with the simple click of a shutter. 

He’s captured people from all walks of life: from the rich and famous, to the ordinary worker. 

But Jordan isn’t just a photographer, he’s also an incredibly successful YouTuber. His channel has over 7 million followers, and his videos consistently hit view counts within the millions. His channel content is fun and quirky, and his followers know exactly what to expect from each one of his videos.

Learn Photography From Jordan Matter

So…why are we telling you all this? Well, that’s because Jordan Matter is opening his own academy right here at Nas Academy. That’s right! You will have the opportunity to learn straight from one of the most successful photographers in the world, with Jordan Matter’s How to Take a Perfect Picture

The Ultimate Photography Course is for anyone who wants to improve their photography skills – to go from great to incredible. Jordan’s knack of capturing the souls of his subjects is a skill that can be learned, and he’s going to teach it to you in his academy. 

Jordan lives by the quote, “The best camera is the one in your hand.” His academy will teach you how to take beautiful and engaging photographs, with whatever resources you have. No fancy equipment required. Jordan interacts with ordinary people every day, and brings out the best in them – and you can learn how to do the same

Jordan Matter Academy

Jordan Matter course cardJordan Matter’s course will not only teach you the skills to improve your photography, but it will also give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to practice your photography with unique assignments that will be reviewed by Jordan in a virtual live session!

You will also meet other like-minded photographers and creators through Jordan’s Academy, that will help you in forming your own community and network. 


Be sure to check out How to Take a Perfect Picture. The world is out there, waiting to be captured by you! So, what are you waiting for? 


Jordan Matter course card

Learn how to take photos

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