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Jay Shetty’s Net Worth: The Monk Who’s Crushing It On Facebook

Making wisdom go viral one video at a time

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09 Sep · 5 mins read

With burnout on the rise, the time couldn’t have been better for a wellness creator like Jay Shetty to step into the spotlight. This 34-year-old content creator, coach, public speaker, and former monk has taken social media content creation to the next level. Although his income is ambiguous, it’s been reported that Jay Shetty’s net worth is an estimated $4 million.

Jay Shetty Net Worth: $4 MILLION


Jay Shetty YouTube background

Who is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty, also known as the “urban monk,” was born and raised in London, England. As most kids do, Jay felt a bit directionless in life – and he often got in trouble (and sometimes suspended) at school. But after losing two of his friends at only 16 years old, he started living life more intentionally. 

He realized that he wanted to do something more, something that he had a bigger purpose. And one day, when he was 18-years-old, he found that purpose. Jay crossed paths with a monk and had a realization that he wanted to be a monk too. 

So, after completing a university degree in business, he moved to India and spent 3 years “studying” as a monk – a stark contrast to university life where “studying” meant doing, producing, and achieving. Whereas most of his “study” time as a monk was spent by simply “being” and giving. He would spend 4-8 hours a day meditating, in addition to helping various local communities.

But now, over a decade later, Jay Shetty is back home and has used what he learned during his time in India to fabricate a fulfilling life for himself, as a content creator – all while inspiring others to do the same. 

Jay is a social media star who has accumulated billions of views and millions of followers from his videos online. He holds online courses and coaching classes to help teach what he’s learned as a monk and has diversified his income through multiple different media streams – with the mission to “make wisdom viral.”

How Did Jay Shetty Get So Successful?

Jay’s time as a monk eventually came to an end when his teacher suggested that he go back home, and teach others what he had learned. Although it felt like a “break-up” of sorts, the decision to teach and to lead is what led to his successful career as a content creator.

But it didn’t happen instantaneously.

When Jay went back to London, he was 26 years old and living at home with $25,000 in debt. He was, once again, directionless. But that soon changed when a network of peers that he had met in business school started asking him to speak at their companies. 

Soon after, Jay started getting work in social media and branding. He was eventually hired by the popular news company and blog, Huffington Post, to be a video host – and he even won an award for it.

But corporate life still wasn’t for him. Working 80 hours a week, and not teaching what he felt he was meant to teach, started taking its toll on Jay. So, he finally decided to try building his own brand with the dream of creating videos about mindfulness to share with the world. 

So, he gave it a shot.

After pitching his idea to multiple companies, he was rejected 40 different times and told by a handful of companies that he was too old and unqualified to have a career in the media landscape. But Jay decided to ignore the haters and make his own Facebook page in 2016.

Within 2 years, not only had his page amassed over 10 million followers, but he had created the most-viewed Facebook video of 2018: “Before you feel the pressure.” 

Jay Shetty Infographic

Now, Jay has built his own digital media empire where he’s teaching mindfulness and sharing all he’s learned about gratitude and self-development. He’s already such an experienced educator – and he has proven that taking this leadership approach to content creation, is how you can boost your net worth and live a life that you’re truly passionate about.

Jay Shetty’s Net Worth and Income

While Jay Shetty’s net worth is still up for debate, it’s estimated that he’s worth around $4 million.

Over the years, Jay Shetty’s net worth has grown largely due to his success on Facebook, where he now houses over 28 million followers. It was reported by one source that Jay Shetty generated an estimated $1 million in 12 months from Facebook in 2019. To date, his famous videos have received over 7 billion collective views across all of his platforms.

While Facebook remains his main social media platform, he also shares videos on YouTube. On Jay Shetty’s main YouTube channel, he has accumulated 4.12 million followers and has racked up 2.4 million views in the last 30 days, along with an additional 20,000 subscribers. It’s estimated that he could be earning up to $12,000 a month in YouTube ad revenue for his main channel – bringing in over $146,000 a year. 

With his second channel, dedicated solely to showing the video versions of his podcast, On Purpose, he has over 231,000 followers. This is a clever way of adding to your revenue as a podcaster, since it allows Jay to earn double the ad revenue from both podcast ads and YouTube video ads – all with the same piece of content. 

Through his podcast, Jay is sure to be generating a decent revenue, as he has over 15,000 reviews on Apple and has a rating of 4.8/5 stars. Not to mention, it’s been a great way to connect with people and build his expertise online from interviewing top celebrities like Oprah, Kobe Bryant, Jada Pinkett Smith, the Kardashians, and many more. 

Apart from video and podcasting, there are many other income sources that also contribute to Jay Shetty’s net worth overall. Jay offers coaching resources to help people become their best selves, where he charges either $390/year, $39/month or $109/quarterly. He also holds his own variety of online courses. He has some free resources, along with his certification school for which he charges a tuition fee of $675/month. 

Jay has even gone on to win a Shorty Award and the Streamy Award for “top health and wellness creator,” and he was listed in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list in 2017. He’s garnered over 190 million collective views over both of his YouTube channels, gained 8.8 million followers on Instagram, and was even on the Chasing Genius Council on National Geographic.

Jay also has a number one best-selling book on Amazon that was first published in 2020, from which we estimate he’s already profited somewhere within the 6-figure range. As a successful author, educator, and storyteller, he’s also a sought-after public speaker who gives motivational and educational talks all that he’s learned as a monk. According to Harvard Business Review, top public figures and best-selling authors can often charge anywhere from $20,000 – $35,000 per speaking gig. So, if we assume that Jay speaks several times a year, he could be making 6-7 figures annually from these speaking engagements alone. 

And if you didn’t think that was enough accomplishments for someone with no formal education in media (and someone who was 5 figures deep in debt when they started), Jay has also just co-founded his own tea brand called “Samatea” with his partner. Tea is something Jay has always loved. It has acted as his daily dose of mindfulness and peace throughout the staggeringly impressive life journey. So, he decided to create his own brand around it – that’s the beauty of the creator economy, after all.

Why is Jay Shetty So Successful?

Jay Shetty’s net worth has grown to what it is today for many reasons – but one in particular is that he began his creator journey with the purpose of helping, teaching, and leading others. And he did it in a way where he taught other’s how to help themselves.

But he never saw his mindfulness teaching as a career that could support him.

“I never thought of it as a business plan. That’s the trick, just start with the content and if it works for people, evolve it into a business.” – Jay Shetty

While many give him credit for changing their lives, he insists that he’s only given them tools to help them overcome their struggles themselves. 

Jay Shetty has focused his career on empowering people, teaching wellness and self-improvement, and has brought to light some of the important, nurturing mentalities that Western culture has often been deprived of. He talks about everything that often holds us back in life: anxiety and self-doubt, relationship struggles, limiting beliefs, and many more. And he does so in a way that is relatable.

He wanted to create content that people could connect to and feel empowered by. His popular videos often depict short, film-like scenarios that are used to convey important life lessons. His concepts and messages are told in an entertaining way that many viewers can relate to, and this makes them easy for people to connect with and learn from. In other words, he’s building an emotional connection with his online audience through compelling stories.

Jay Shetty using a mic

And most importantly, he educates for the sake of inspiring – not prospering. He is a perfect example of what we try and do here at Nas Academy, particularly when it comes to supporting the creator economy. We want to create accessible ways for creators to learn how to live their truth, make a difference, and hopefully, later on, come back to teach others.

This endless circle of improvement and growth is at the heart of Jay’s mission.

And by taking the unique approach of blending “monk” with “media,” Jay has learned to listen to what people need, and teach them how to make it a reality for themselves.

Jay’s Income From Education

Taking an educational approach has clearly helped Jay Shetty get himself to where he is today. With his mission to share what he’s learned, he’s already taken the natural route of coaching and providing online courses for his audience members. He’s providing many free online resources too, but he has also productized his knowledge to create a stable income and grow his net worth.

But while his focus is on mindfulness and self-development, that’s definitely not all he has to teach. As such a successful content creator in his industry, there are so many people and students here at Nas Academy that stand to learn what it takes to thrive as a content creator in the wellness industry.

Jay could even give his insights into how he incorporates mindfulness into his content creation strategy to prioritize mental health and prevent burn-out. Or, he could teach how he’s been able to come from such a unique background and experience endless rejection, but still managed to translate his passion into a viable career that he loves. 

Through an accessible and interactive learning experiences, like that which Nas Academy offers, starting an academy today could not only increase Jay Shetty’s net worth even more, but it would help him provide accessible content creation education to other creators, and help them live their best lives – further accomplishing his mission.

Without any formal media education, Jay Shetty’s net worth and success in the creator economy has proven that you can still become a creator – regardless of your age or experience. You could come from a background in finances, medicine, mechanical engineering, or even monkhood, and still earn a respectable living. Because content creation is simply about sharing – and everybody has something to share.

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