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Isaiah Photo: From 70k in Debt to 8 Million Followers

Don’t take life too seriously

Team Nas Academy

07 Apr ·

YouTube Shorts has been blowing up. It’s an incredible way to bring viewers back to your main channel, and many creators’ subscribers have increased greatly since YouTube implemented its TikTok copycat format back around 2020. 

And one of those creators was Isaiah Photo. 

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Isaiah photo is a social media creator who creates Mr Beast inspired vlogs and videos on YouTube covering anything and everything about life, adventure, content creation, along with his famous “too easy” challenges and more. 

To this day, Isaiah has gained over 1.4 billion views on his YouTube videos alone, and has over 8 million followers across all of his platforms online.

So what’s his story, and how did a normal guy from Texas get here?

A Life-Changing Accident

Isaiah grew up in Texas, and from a young age, he always embraces challenges and adventure. So much so that when he was 16 years old, he went on a snowboarding venture to the tallest hill he could find near his hometown – little did he know, he was about to encounter an accident that would change the course of his life. 

While he flew down the hill, he was catapulted through a nearby forest directly into a tree at about 40km/h speed, leaving him unconscious in the snow with broken bones and a bleeding head.

He was immediately rushed to a hospital, and rested in a coma for about 3 days. The doctors said he might not wake up, and if he did, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t be the same person who climbed up on that hill with his friends…

And he was right – but thankfully, it was for the better. 

As you probably assumed already, Isaiah did survive the accident. He escaped with a banged up head, broken jaw and nose, and his memories – but also a new perspective on life.

Live Every Day as a Challenge

Isaiah quickly took on the mentality of living each day like it was a challenge, a risk, and just focused on taking one step at a time. After almost dying in the accident, he realized that he shouldn’t be taking life as seriously as he was – and he vowed to just have fun with it.

So that’s exactly what he did.

After having worked 16 jobs in his adolescent life – from bussing tables, to serving food, being a barista and selling bicycles – Isaiah eventually realized he wanted to do something much bigger. He wanted to do something great, and that’s when he discovered content creation.

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At the time, Isaiah wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, he was 70k in debt (up until 2 years ago), and realized that he was going to have to make some sacrifices to build the life that he wanted.

He forced himself to film in public spaces and make cringey videos for about 2 years, and even resorted to living in a car with his wife for a year so he could completely pay off his debt in one go. All of this was uncomfortable – but he put himself in the position where he had no other choice but to go along with it, and decided to focus on all the growth that was going to come of it rather than the negatives.

Building 4.6 Million Followers

Over time, Isaiah’s followers inevitably grew. He had started out making long-form content on YouTube and only had about 100k subscribers, and then he discovered YouTube Shorts. After he started creating these short videos, that number jumped to 300k. 

Now, nearly a year after creating his first Shorts – his subscribers have skyrocketed to 4.6 million, and he’s grown a following of over 3.4 million on TikTok.

One of the turning points in Isaiah’s successful career as a creator was when he posted a short clip of a longer video he had filmed with David Dobrik. While their long video got around 100k views…the Short he posted of the same video blew up and got 10 million. 

At this point, Isaiah realized the huge potential of short-form content, so much so that he’s even teaching a class all about it with us right here at Nas Academy!

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Isaiah’s videos range from all kinds of adventures, funny experiences, challenges and everything in between. And one thing that we can learn from his story is that life is always going to have it’s roadblocks – but leaning into them, finding the positive and taking advantage of the growth that can happen in these times is what determines the difference between a serious life, and an exciting one.

Better yet: he’s taught us to force yourself to be uncomfortable, and fake it til you make it. 

Now while that may not be the most pretty, ideal and motivational advice out there – it clearly works. 

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