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Freelance Your Way to Freedom With Kai Song

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14 Oct · 3 mins read

The 9-5 life might work for some people. It’s a lifestyle that provides stability, predictability, it pays the bills and you get a pretty consistent work-life balance. This is the standard career structure for a lot of countries around the world: you clock in for 8 hours from Monday to Friday; and on weekends, you’re free. 

But for you – that life just might not cut it.

Maybe you want more flexibility. You want to build a career for yourself, work for yourself, have the freedom to live differently every week, and consistently do work that you’re passionate about. 

So, if this sounds like something you want to do – then allow us to introduce you to a freelance digital creator, and talented educator at Nas Academy that will show you how: Kai Song.

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Kai Song’s Journey to Kai Creative

Kai is only one of the many who have gone against the grain of the widely-normalized 9-5 life. He is a London-based video creator, filmmaker, animator and creator who was confined to working a desk-job for the first 6 years of his career.

And he absolutely hated it. 

In the beginning, Kai filled out spreadsheets every single day, yet never found fulfillment himself. He reported to a manager that never once looked at him as more than a tool to make money, and he felt like a passenger in his own life – simply taking whatever was handed to him. 

But then, one day, he decided he was tired of it. And he decided to make a change. So, Kai gave up the cozy comfort of his desk job to become a full-blown, digital creator. Now, he has his own brand, Kai Creative, and works making review videos on YouTube, shooting corporate videos and living the freelance life.

And guess what? He’s still doing it today – along with two kids and a mortgage. 

Kai found a way to take control of his life and create a career that he’s passionate about. And now, he is on a mission to inspire other creators just like you, and wants to show you that it’s very possible to become a successful freelancer. He wants to prove that, you too, can lead a career that energizes, excites, and fulfills you. 

That’s why Kai is opening his own academy to walk you through his process, and help you get you started on your freelance journey today. 

Having tread the unpredictable and tiring waters of freelancing for 8 years now, Kai has gathered an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience – and he’s going to share it all with you in his new, live course: Freelance Your Way to Freedom.

In this 5-part, live course, Kai will teach you how to build multiple revenue streams, how to become a freelancer safely, develop a media kit and set up your resume for success. 

You will get life-access to these valuable lessons along with a variety of resources to help you on your journey to freelancing freedom – and to top it off, you will be able to do it alongside other passionate freelancers just like you.

Kai Song Academy

Kai song course cardOne of the most important parts of becoming a successful freelancer is building your network. And that’s why the Kai Song Academy is a live learning experience that will connect you with many other, passionate freelancers who are in the same boat as you, who you can grow with – and maybe even work with – for years to come.

Sign up today for Kai Song’s Freelance your Way to Freedom course, and learn all there is to know about becoming a successful freelancer, how to quit that job you’ve been wanting to quit for years – and finally starting to live a life where you make your own money, on your own terms.

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Become a Freelancer Today

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