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Draw Fairytale Characters with Maria Malandrino Academy

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02 Oct · 3 mins read

What makes an illustrator’s work so creative and interesting is their unique and expressive style. It’s their ability to notice minute details and effortlessly weave them into their illustrations. Whether it’s producing creative visuals for publications, or sketching cartoons for advertisements, illustrators know how to tap into their creative eye, and let their work reflect their unique style of storytelling.

One such illustrator and character designer is Maria Malandrino, an illustrator and character designer from Turin, Italy. As a professional illustrator, Maria has created visuals for educational publications for almost 4 years now. She is an advanced level illustrator who has worked with the likes of Oxford University Press, Cengage, and Disney.

Maria Malandrino Standing

Learn How to Draw Fairytale Characters

Maria believes that everyone has the ability to become an artist, and that you don’t need to go to art school to become a good illustrator. In fact, for Maria, the chance to become an illustrator came when she took up the MerMay challenge on Instagram – a social media art challenge that happens every year in May, where artists from all around the world draw different mermaid illustrations every single day, for the entire month.

Today, as a professional illustrator, Maria is well versed in cartoon designs, anatomy drawing, figure drawing, perspective drawing, and character drawing. What’s even better is that she is now opening her own academy, and launching her course Turn Your Loved One Into A Fairytale Character!

Maria Malandrino Art

Through Maria’s course, you will have the opportunity to learn character drawing skills from Maria through two live sessions – and get feedback directly from her.

The Turn Your Loved One Into A Fairytale Character course is for anyone who wants to understand the basics of good design, or even for those who want to create a fairytale persona and become a pro illustrator – and do it within 4 hours! 

You will also learn the techniques that go into creating your character blueprint and backstory with Maria showing you the process live. Join now and don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from an expert illustrator, and build a community with other like-minded students just like you.

Maria Malandrino Academy

Maria Malandrino Course CardTurn Your Loved One Into A Fairytale Character will not only teach you how to structure your workflow as an artist, but Maria will also walk you through creating an entire character design – from start to finish.

Maria Malandrino Academy is also an amazing opportunity to meet other aspiring and professional illustrators, artists, and creators, and build your own community and network. So, sign up and find your own path as an illustrator, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Learn How to Draw Characters!

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