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Dixie D’Amelio’s Net Worth: How She Became The Third-Highest Paid TikToker

A look at Dixie’s meteoric rise to fame through TikTok

Team Nas Academy

26 Aug · 5 mins read

20-year-old Dixie D’Amelio has made a name for herself – and not just as Charli D’Amelio’s older sister.

She started her career on the TikTok platform in 2019 and has managed to grow her following significantly in such a short period of time. With over 54 million followers on the most-preferred Gen Z app, Dixie’s rise to fame as a social media personality, singer, and actor has put her among the top 10 most followed TikTok creators in the world. Dixie D’Amelio’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Dixie D’Amelio Net Worth: $3 MILLION


Dixie D'Amelio Infographic

Who Is Dixie D’Amelio?

Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, Dixie is the eldest of the two D’Amelio sisters. 

Her younger sister Charli D’Amelio became one of the fastest-rising TikTok creators in the platform’s history, and she’s currently the most-followed TikToker on the app, with an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Their father Marc D’Amelio is a former politician who unsuccessfully ran for the Connecticut State Senate election in 2018 and is also the founder of Level 4 Collective – a sales agency for luxury fashion brands. And their mother Heidi D’Amelio is a model turned photographer. 

They have been dubbed as the “first family of TikTok” and have a record-breaking total of 192.2 million followers – with an estimated net worth of over $15 million between the four of them.

How Did She Get So Famous?

In the fall of 2019, 18-year-old Dixie was your typical senior at her Connecticut high school, playing hockey, doing her homework, and spending hours watching TikTok videos.

It was only during her last hockey game of the season that Dixie noticed other students were taking videos of her on the field. Within just a few months, Dixie D’Amelio’s name hit peak popularity in terms of search interest on Google.

While Dixie is not a dancer like her sister Charli , she shines through TikTok because of her relatable personality. Unlike a decade ago, when millennials were mainly preoccupied with tabloid stories about their favorite celebrities,  today’s generation get’s their “celebrity fix” from TikTok stars.

Charli and Dixie

How Did She Make Her First Million?

Back in 2018, Dixie D’Amelio’s TikTok account was only ever used in private – as she secretly scrolled through the “For You Page.” In fact, she was embarrassed to learn from her friends (who were hooked on the app) that her younger sister was already posting dance videos of herself.

Soon, Dixie found herself posting random clips to the app out of curiosity. She then started posting consistently on the app, shooting her own solo stories, and documenting life around her family home. Before long, with a combination of regular uploads and the app’s infamous algorithm, she managed to strike a chord with people all around the globe as her videos were viewed millions of times.

While her sister Charli is a dancer, Dixie took the opportunity to start showcasing some unique talents of her own. She started sharing her singing and acting skills on TikTok. She released her first single called “Be Happy,” in June 2020 on TikTok, and in just 24 hours, the song amassed 16 million views, and over 1 billion views.

Another reason why Dixie D’Amelio’s TikTok account managed to stay relatable to her millions of followers was because she chose to use her platform to combat bullying. Having been on the receiving end of harsh comments online, Dixie made sure she sent a message to her young followers to not take hate comments to heart and to always have fun on social media platforms.

She has continuously leveraged her platform to be a strong vocal opponent of cancel culture and is actively speaking up on how to make social media a kinder space for all.

In a similar vein, she reportedly wants to use all of these increasing opportunities to reach wider audiences and share more about her personal mental health struggles – which is why she continues to educate her followers and raise awareness on the topic, as a public figure.

This sudden surge of interest in Dixie D’Amelio’s net worth and life is a huge indication of how an app like TikTok differs from other platforms. TikTok is such a simple platform to reach audiences. It requires relatively minimal input in comparison to the oftentimes huge rewards for content creators. This means that anybody and everybody, regardless of who they are, can have a chance to share their story and connect with millions of people.

How Much Does Dixie D’Amelio Earn On Social Media?

Three years after joining TikTok, Dixie is earning millions – not only from the platform and brand endorsements, but also from her blossoming musical career. She managed to bag campaigns with Hollister, Orosa Beauty, Taco Bell, a Morphe collab, and even a Super Bowl commercial. She has also recently been announced as the fresh new face of Puma, all within just two years of her career as a TikTok creator. It’s through all of these revenue streams combined that she has been able to establish her net worth.

According to Forbes, Dixie D’Amelio’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million and she’s the third-highest earning TikTok creator. With an average rate of $30,000 per sponsored post on TikTok (having posted more than 300 times already) and an average rate of $26,000 – $44,000 per post on Instagram, Dixie’s income has skyrocketed.

Her YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers with more than 500 million views to date. She has collaborated with the likes of James Charles (net worth: $25 million) and has had actor/YouTuber Josh Peck on her channel too. It’s likely that she earns an estimated $60,000 for every 11 videos published, through both ad revenue and branded content.

In 2020, Dixie starred in the YouTube web series “Attaway General,” and she has also seen a significant rise in views on her own YouTube channel – especially since the release of her hit single. It is estimated that she made more than $400,000 with this one video alone and $115,000 on Spotify. Her recently released track, “Psycho,” along with a series of certified bops under her belt, Dixie has her eyes set on creating an album in the near future.

The D’Amelio sisters also announced a podcast deal with Ramble Podcast Network. The podcast will offer a behind-the-scenes look at their lives as the most-followed TikTokers on the platform. 

Speaking of behind the scenes, the entire D’Amelio clan has managed to secure a reality show deal with Hulu, titled “The D’Amelio Show.” The series will feature Dixie along with her parents and sister, and offer an insider look into their family life as they navigate through their newfound success.

Dixie and Charli Family

Dixie D’Amelio has proven that by going where the audience is, and leveraging connections and resources to share your unique perspective, is how you find the way to successfully share your story with the world. Not only did she collaborate with other creators and diversify her income to reach new audiences, but she grew connections with all of those audiences, by personally connecting with them on a deeper level. She shares her struggles, and uses the platform in an entirely different way to her sister, or others around her, and this is what helped make her stand out. 

She used her personality, her knowledge, and her experiences with bullying to carve out a loyal following that connected with her, to help build her net worth and career to all that it is today.

Dixie’s Income From Education

Historically, influencers were able to make a living solely through brand sponsorship deals. And while it’s still an important part of how TikTokers like the D’Amelio’s make money and increase their net worth, creators have found other, innovative ways of monetizing their online content.

Today, TikTok creators have all the skills they need to move beyond the world of social media. And as a successful content creator, Dixie has the exact background necessary to teach those who wish to learn more about how they can grow their following and generate money on social media.

At Nas Academy, we believe Dixie has the potential to drastically increase her net worth through education by starting up her own course, to give back what she’s learned. Through online courses, she can teach content creation, brand marketing, editing strategies, and even how to make it big on TikTok. However, she hasn’t expanded her offerings into online education yet, so her income from education stands at $0.

Apart from being an additional revenue stream, an interactive learning experience from an already-established TikTok creator would be extremely beneficial for the thousands of people who want to participate in the creator economy. There’s no university degree that will show you how to reach the level of success the D’Amelios have achieved in such a short period of time.

But if it were that simple, a Dixie D’Amelio Academy would already exist. It’s understandable that content creators find it hard to figure out what type of course to create and how to best deliver it. It takes a team of experts to get it right and provide quality assurance.

Which is why we’ve built Nas Academy, to empower creators to focus on sharing their knowledge, while we take care of the rest. And, most importantly, for aspiring creators to learn from the world’s most credible teachers. This way, we are ensuring that the next wave of content creators can break into the creator economy and make a full-time living by simply creating content about the things they love most.

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