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09 Jun · 3 read

Within the past year, the amount of brands that have entered the Metaverse in one way or another has been astounding. We’ve seen huge companies launching projects from NFTs, to exclusive experiences in the Metaverse that anyone can access from anywhere in the world. 

Believe it or not…NFTs and the Metaverse are going to be huge players in branding and marketing in the foreseeable future. And Diego Borgo – Metaverse and NFT Digital Strategist – is here to teach you how to get in on the action.


Finding the “next big medium”

Diego Borgo is known for his highly intuitive mind and keen eye for spotting the next big platform when it comes to digital branding and marketing. He started his career at the young age of 16 when he worked for an agency that dealt with big-name brands from Samsung, to Red Bull, Microsoft, Xbox, EA Sports, Warner Bros and others.

But he had a few bumps along the way before finding success in his career. 

Diego was at a low point, stuck in Canada with quite literally no money at all. He was left with no option other than to sell the most expensive thing he owned for cash: his Macbook. So he did. Then, he bought a plane ticket to Europe to meet up with a girl he was seeing (who would later become his wife).

This entire time when Diego was pretty much in an impossible situation, he never thought he’d find his niche and build his career to where it is today. 

But he did it. Now, he’s been in the industry for over 8 years as a successful, well-known digital strategist and advisor – particularly in the Web3 space. Back in 2017, Diego shifted his career to encompass the Bitcoin boom that rippled through the tech and finance industry. 

He immediately noticed incredible opportunities in the Blockchain, Metaverse and NFT space – and he pivoted his digital marketing efforts to help brands enter the space using this new medium.

Now, he advises major, global brands as they enter the space to ensure that they’re doing it right. He’s a Metaverse native, Web3 ambassador, NFT collector and a member of advisory boards with a personal mission to help mainstream the adoption of blockchain and NFT technology.

He’s already worked with countless brands creating several Metaverse-based projects, including the well-known projects by Adidas: “Into the Metaverse” and “Adidas for Prada”.

Since diving into crypto, Diego has become a mass educator through conference keynotes, workshops and in-demand content – and now, he’s launching an in-depth masterclass here at Nas Academy all about How Brands Should Enter the Metaverse and NFT Space.


Learn How to Enter the Metaverse As a Brand

Whether you’re a consultant for brands like Diego, you have a brand of your own or you’re an in-house marketer looking for new ideas to spice up your marketing strategy – this class is for you.

You’re going to go through a 7-day online class made up of video lessons and live sessions with facilitators to help you along the way. The class is going to cover:

  • What the Metaverse is, and why it holds so much opportunity for your brand
  • How to build a marketing strategy for the Metaverse
  • How to create a NFT project for your brand
  • Successes and failures of large brands who have already been in the space (and what you can learn from them) 
  • Strategies and frameworks to help you develop solid OKRs and plans to execute a project of your own

You’re going to master this content through lessons, assignments, worksheets and you’ll complete the class alongside a group of classmates on the same journey as you.

diego borgo

Diego has also brought in some of the top players in the space for exclusive interviews to help educate you to the max before you enter this new and exciting space.

Learn more about the class here, and grab your spot on the waitlist to be one of the first to join Diego Borgo’s masterclass. 

See you there!

diego borgo

Bring Your Brand Into the Metaverse & NFT Space

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