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DanTDM’s Net Worth: How Much Does This Millionaire YouTuber Make?

Playing video games and becoming one of the richest YouTubers…

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06 Sep · 5 mins read

Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) is a British YouTuber who has gained millions of followers on his channel for his characteristic video game commentaries around various popular video games –  Minecraft being his main focus. He has won several prestigious awards for his work, and even earned himself a place in the Guinness World Records Book for “Most views for a dedicated Minecraft channel.” With 26 million subscribers and a total of 18.5 billion views on his videos, DanTDM’s net worth is estimated to be $35 million. 

DanTDM Net Worth: $35 MILLION


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Before finding fame on the video-sharing platform, Daniel lived with his parents and older brother in Hampshire, England. In 2009, as a student at the University of Nottingham, he decided to start his first YouTube channel dedicated to the Japanese media franchise, Pokémon. He called it “PokemanDanIvI45.”

After a few years, he renamed his channel to “TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM” before eventually settling for “DanTDM” in 2012. Daniel immediately started gaining popularity for his hilarious commentary as he streamed himself playing video games from his home studio. He made it a point to upload at least one video every single day, and it was this consistency that eventually helped DanTDM’s net worth expand so quickly. 

How Did He Get So Famous? 

Since its launch in 2012, DanTDM was continuously building a steady following with his daily reviews and gameplay videos. He filmed and edited each video in his spare time while working at a local supermarket. And within the first seven months of creating his channel, Daniel had managed to gain over 10,000 subscribers

It was at this point that he decided to leave his job at the supermarket, and commit to making YouTube videos full-time. Daniel had recognized a huge opportunity to increase his net worth through his gaming channel – but most importantly, he had finally found his passion in life and knew he could make a career out of it. 

Daniel recognized the shrinking popularity of television amongst young people – and with his focus being on the family-friendly game of Minecraft, he saw this as an opportunity for him to create niche content that nobody else had tapped into yet. 

So, as his fan base grew even more, Daniel decided to shift his focus and target his content specifically towards a younger audience. And sure enough, his channel started racking up views faster than any famous children’s TV series on the market. The revenue that was being generated from his YouTube content boosted DanTDM’s net worth far beyond what it ever could have been had Daniel stayed stocking shelves at the supermarket.

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But Daniel did not want to limit his earning potential to only YouTube. So, he diversified. He started streaming his gaming content live on Twitch (a video-streaming platform that allows people to watch gamers play their favorite titles). This worked out in his favor as he could now maximize his revenue and DanTDM’s net worth through endorsements, subscriptions, advertisements, and donations

It also helped him expand his social media reach by gaining more followers. His growing popularity, especially amongst younger fans, largely influenced the nature of his content – to the extent that parents felt safe letting their kids watch his videos

That’s why it didn’t take long for DanTDM to become one of the most successful YouTube channels on the platform – or for Daniel to grow his net worth upwards of $30 million.

How Much Does DanTDM Earn On Social Media? 

As of 2021, DanTDM generates an average of 3 million video views per day with around 5,000 new followers subscribing to the channel daily. It is reported that Daniel is able to make $24,000 a day through monetized views on YouTube – making him one of the highest earning Minecraft streamers to date. In addition to DanTDM, he also manages two other YouTube channels (MoreTDM and DanTDM Live) which have over one million subscribers each. 

MoreTDM offers fans a glimpse into Daniel’s life as he shares reaction videos, challenges, and vlogs about pretty much everything. Even though the channel has been inactive for four years, it is still estimated to generate a revenue of $180 per day – which only increases DanTDM’s net worth as a whole. But Daniel’s fortune does not depend solely on online advertising revenue. 

Not one to shy away from trying out new ventures, Daniel released a graphic novel titled Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal in 2016. Set in the Minecraft franchise, the book features a host of different characters that have appeared in DanTDM’s videos. It immediately became a commercial success and spent eleven weeks at the top of The New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover graphic books. Daniel even went on to promote his book with a tour through the United Kingdom and New York City. 

In 2017, Daniel launched a web series called “DanTDM Creates A Big Scene” which was released on YouTube Red (a premium subscription service by YouTube). The series featured him along with several other popular social media celebrities as they battled “to keep their live show on the road.” It ran for six episodes and helped Daniel earn considerable revenue to expand his net worth even further. 

Not long after, Daniel decided to embark on a worldwide stadium tour, with tickets being sold for $95 each. The tour clearly helped bring in even more revenue for the YouTuber as DanTDM’s net worth increased by a total of $16.5 million that same year. This put him right at the top of Forbes’ list of highest paid YouTube stars. A few years later, he ranked 41 in the UK’s Top 100 Influencer List by The Sunday Times.

Merchandise sales also make up a huge chunk of DanTDM’s net worth. The official collection, featuring a range of DanTDM-inspired t-shirts, hoodies, headwear, bags, and accessories, retails for anywhere between $7-$35 a piece.

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Daniel had built a cult following through his gaming channel – and it’s been enough to draw the attention of big companies and lead to various notable sponsorships. As a result, DanTDM has been able to  generate additional revenue sources in the form of sponsored content, affiliate commissions, and speaking gigs that all of have contributed immensely towards expanding DanTDM’s net worth and popularity over the years. 

In 2018, Daniel diversified his presence in the creator economy even further, by venturing into voice acting and film. He took on the role of eBoy in the UK theatrical adaptation of the film Ralph Breaks the Internet and was also the main voice for the 2019 film DanTDM Presents The Contest (of which there was also a web version released). 

Most recently, in 2021, Daniel made a cameo appearance in the movie Free Guy where he played himself, alongside the famous actor Ryan Reynolds. 

He has also gone on to win awards for his work including the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for two different categories: “UK Favorite Tipster” (2015, 2016) and “UK Favorite Gamer” (2020). 

Daniel’s Income From Online Courses 

DanTDM has been constantly praised for keeping his content “clean,” unlike other streamers who are known to curse in their commentary videos. Being committed to this approach has allowed Daniel to reach a wider audience and contribute to providing quality, positive content for his viewers – something that the world could always use more of these days.

Research indicates the amount of time young kids spend watching online videos has doubled since 2017 to an average of 39 minutes per day. And according to research by Common Sense Media, one in five videos viewed by children (aged 8 and under) contained ads that often included pervasive and inappropriate advertising, violence, and other questionable content. 

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While most online content is deemed inappropriate for children, Daniel has stayed attuned to his target audience and continues to create content accordingly. He uses his channel to offer a refreshing take on the content creation process itself – one that removes the exclusivity aspect completely. This approach is why he could tap into a far bigger market for increasing his net worth than most of the other creators on YouTube – and it’s something that other content creators could benefit greatly from learning about. After all, it’s what helped boost DanTDM’s net worth and land him the title of the world’s richest YouTuber in 2017.

As a successful YouTuber and gamer, Daniel has the distinct advantage of being able to pass on his knowledge for crafting content that can help other creators attract a wider audience on social media too. By designing online courses that clearly outline the process of creating age-appropriate videos, he could provide content creators with the skills they need to overcome YouTube’s strict restrictions on certain types of content. 

DanTDM also has a great opportunity to make a difference in hundreds or thousands of people’s lives by teaching them how to make a living from doing what they enjoy the most: creating content. The easiest way to achieve this is by starting up his own Academy. 

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