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08 Dec · 3 mins read

It’s that time of year when you reflect back on all that you’ve accomplished (and didn’t accomplish) over the past 12, busy months. Maybe you’ve realized it wasn’t your best year, and so you optimistically look forward to the new one coming up. You have high hopes that this will finally be the time you tackle that new language and take up those cooking classes – and especially show up to those weekly Sunday morning spinning classes.

Yet, as you dream about this ideal version of yourself, there’s still part of you that knows, deep down, those goals are bound to end up just like they did last January 1st: in the back of your closet, buried deep in dirty laundry and drowned out by the inevitable hustle and bustle of life. 

But what if we told you that 2022 could finally be the year you pick that dream out of your pile of unwashed clothes, and finally bring it to life? Well, Michelle Khare is here to tell you that it can. 

And she’s going to show you how.

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Challenge Accepted

Michelle is an accomplished athlete and YouTuber with over 2.4 million subscribers – but she wasn’t always the risk taker you might know her to be on her Challenge Accepted video series. In fact, Michelle got her start working at the popular company, BuzzFeed. But when the 9-5 life wasn’t challenging enough for her – she made the bold decision to leave, and pursue a career on YouTube full-time. 

Michelle decided that she was going to finally take on the list of challenges she had always dreamed of, and it ended up turning into her full-time job.

She began a popular series called Challenge Accepted, where she finds the craziest adventures and goals, and faces them head on. From scaling an 85 ft cliff with her deathly fear of heights, to training alongside talented Olympic ice dancers (with 0 years of prior skating experience), Michelle Khare has taken on some of the toughest challenges out there – and completed them in record time.

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Michelle has accumulated over 200 million views on YouTube, launched her own fitness app, and has had the chance to work with some of the most successful, dedicated, and passionate people in the world. And that’s not an understatement! Michelle has taken on the Marine bootcamp, trained with astronauts at NASA, and was the very first YouTuber to ever go through the FBI Academy.

And now, she’s here to share everything she’s learned with you.

The Michelle Khare Academy

The Michelle Khare Academy is here, and this is your shot to kick this New Year off right, and say YES to a challenge of your own. This 30-day online learning experience is going to be packed full of the best tips and tricks from the most successful, goal-oriented individuals out there – and by the end, you’ll know how to successfully apply them to your own life.

Michelle is going to teach you how to identify your fears, use your limiting beliefs as your power, and make a safe, solid plan to take action on your goals. Through journaling tactics, worksheets, and more, you’ll get all the resources you need to help you accomplish your challenge in just 30 days. Better yet: you’ll learn how to build habits to help you tackle your future goals – so they don’t end up buried and forgotten next time around!

Michelle will walk you through step-by-step, using tried and tested mindsets and techniques. You will get a series of guides and resources to help you along the way, access to trainers who keep you motivated and LIVE meet-and-greets with Michelle herself. 

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, be it creative, physical, mental or entrepreneurial – or you simply want to make a change in your life – this is the guide for you!

Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution in 30 Days

Michelle Khare Course CardAre you ready for the challenge? Join the waitlist today for the Michelle Khare Academy, and be one of the first to learn her expert tips on goal-setting. Not only is this your chance to put yourself first, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to take this journey alongside other passionate people from all around the world who are looking to finally make a change – just like you! You will get the chance to connect with each other through WhatsApp groups, learn together in live sessions, and hold each other accountable from start to finish. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you think you’re capable of, Michelle is here to prove that you can achieve the impossible. This is your chance to make that New Year’s resolution a reality, and all you have to do now – is say yes to the challenge. 

See you there!

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Challenge Yourself

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