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12 Oct · 3 mins read

So many people go through life pursuing careers that they want to escape. They only live for the weekends, they do their time just to pay the bills – yet they have a dream so big that they just can’t shake it. It’s constantly pulling them in a different direction, but they’re too scared to follow.

Sound familiar? Well, if it does – you’re not alone.

Often, we have ideas and dreams that we would love to pursue, but the voice in our head is telling us that it’s too unpredictable, unsafe and that we are simply setting ourselves up for failure. But what if there was a way to finally silence that voice, and take a shot at following your passion?

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Meet Lo Harris 

New York-based illustrator and animator, Lo Harris, understands that fear and uncertainty better than anyone. After realizing her successful career as a journalist wasn’t going to make her happy in the long-run, she had a decision to make: stay and pursue an unsatisfying career, or quit her job and sacrifice security for her true passion. 

So, Lo dared to dream – and that dream paid off. 

Now, Lo Harris’ art has been featured on The Ellen Show, her GIPHY illustrations have been viewed over 600 million times, and she has a wide range of notable clients – including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and Disney’s The Mandalorian

Lo’s artistic excellence and success has come from a deep passion for female empowerment, social justice, and creating a kinder world. And part of her life mission is to help people on their journeys of self-discovery and that’s exactly what she’s here to do at Nas Academy.

Vision Boards: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Lo Harris course cardWe are excited to announce that Lo Harris will be opening her own Academy called Vision Boards: A Journey of Self-Discovery. In her course, she’ll walk you through the same mental and emotional journey she endured before she found her calling – and that’s not all. 

You’ll also learn the skill of vision boarding, a process that’s praised for its ability to help you visualize goals, interests, and change how you see yourself. Vision boards are made up of images you choose to represent yourself, your dreams, and your goals to create a visual picture of your inner self.

Along with vision boarding, Lo will help you work through the mental blocks artists and creators often experience, such as self-doubt and imposter syndrome. You’ll leave this course with a new perspective, a vision board that will ground your goals and solidify your view of yourself, and most importantly – a plan to push you towards finally turning your visions into reality. 

It’s time to stop letting your doubt hold you back from discovering your true passions, overcoming your fears, and gathering the courage to be true to yourself. Join the waitlist today and be among the first to sign up for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Turn your visions into reality

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